Pakistan cricket team’s captain Babar Azam accused of sexual abuse, woman alleges he got her pregnant   

Lahore: A woman has alleged that captain of the Pakistan cricket team Babar Azam has sexually exploited her. This allegation has put Pakistan cricket authorities in turmoil. However, there has been no comment on the issue from Babar Azam. He is currently in New Zealand undergoing quarantine with the team.

The woman has alleged through a video conference that she and Babar had known each other since their school days. The woman has also alleged that she had provided the entire cost when Babar was coming up as a cricketer. She stated that she had become pregnant while staying with Babar in a rented flat and had been forced by the cricketer to abort the baby.

“He (Babar) promised to marry me, he got me pregnant, he beat me up, he threatened me and he used me,” the woman was heard saying as saying in a video released by a Pakistani journalist.

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The woman has also said that she and Babar were school friends and had known each other since 2010. She informed the media that Babar had come to her house to propose to her. However, when the two families did not agree to the marriage, they eloped.

“Babar proposed to go through court marriage and we eloped in 2011. He kept in me in rented places and it was me who was paying the rent,” the woman is heard saying in the video. “He promised he would marry me, but all that changed when I became pregnant in 2016. He forced me to undergo abortion,” the woman alleged.

“Babar and I have known each other when he hadn’t become famous for cricket. We used to spend a lot of time together. He comes from a poor family. I used to give him all the money he needed for cricket,” the woman alleged in the video.

Controversies are nothing new in Pakistani cricket. But this new one will certainly add a huge twist to the tale.