With multiple collaborations, partnerships and product line expansions, Southeast Asia’s omnichannel fashion brand, Love, Bonito, has come a long way since its humble beginnings. We speak to co-founder Rachel Lim on their journey to success.

Celebrating 11 years in the industry is a milestone for any entrepreneur. In this case, the co-founder of the female-driven fashion brand Love, Bonito has achieved numerous accomplishments. If you didn’t know, Love, Bonito is originally labelled as BonitoChico in 2005 before a massive rebranding. What started as a blog shop selling pre-loved goods, the founders gradually shifted to sourcing clothes overseas and eventually, the booming business we see today. 

rachel lim love bonito
Co-founder Rachel Lim of Love, Bonito

Since rebranding in 2010, the company has footprints in 10 key markets across Asia, Australia and North America, including the launch of its Hong Kong and Japan websites to cater to local customers. 

“Love, Bonito would not be what it is today if not for the #LBCommunity and #teamLB. We would not be celebrating 11 years without our customers’ letters, feedback and guidance – it has been such a privilege to serve and grow alongside them. We have evolved tremendously since the early days, expanding our categories and product lines, catering to women in various seasons of their lives,” Rachel shares. 

What resonates with the #LBCommunity is the vision of empowering women through collaborations and product lines, from Intimates, Maternity, Kids, and beyond. The brand also launches its social impact arm, LBCreate, as a commitment to tackle women-related issues. 

“We exist to empower the everyday Asian woman at every stage of their life through thoughtful designs and experiences. We believe that great designs can and should be accessible for all. Feeling and looking great should not be limited to just a privileged few, and we’re here to equalise that. We believe we are in the business of women and not the business of fashion,” she explains.

Believe it or not, starting this empire was an incidental venture among her friends for extra pocket money at the time. “I remember we were self-packing parcels and did not know much about the retail business. Yet, childlike naivety and an unbridled passion to empower women through fashion propelled us further and deeper,” she shares.

“When we started importing pieces from overseas, there was always something I wish I could change through the way it fits, the design and the tone of colours. It was then that we decided to design and manufacture our own silhouettes.”

As we celebrate their business milestones, Rachel speaks to us about how other companies can learn and what their future goals are.

rachel lim love bonito


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