I can’t wait to bring the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 onboard my first post-lockdown flight to London, hopefully next year!

Who doesn’t like it when it’s convenient and multipurpose. Having to carry multiple devices around the city is not a good look on you — especially when you have a fashion event or business meeting to attend to.

When I received the Galaxy Z Fold3, I asked myself what could I do with this beyond mere smartphone capabilities. So, I decided to use the Galaxy Z Fold3 as a replacement to my laptop for a day.

The plan was to use the Galaxy Z Fold3 for editing stories, work on some storyboards and multitask between webinars and writing down notes — all on one screen. At the same time, I would also want to slip in some games and music into the equation.

Is the Galaxy Z Fold3 the ultimate multitasking sidekick I’ve been looking for? — here are my thoughts and review on the first foldable smartphone that is water resistant.

On Functionality

My first impressions are positive and what I absolutely appreciate is the tablet-like 7.6-inch screen with 120Hz refresh rate for a seamless and immersive experience. When compared to other devices, the performance and vividness on the Galaxy Z Fold3 is imperatively evident.

With a wide 24.5:9 aspect ratio, the device is also best for surfing the web on the phone, reading e-books, watching your favourite shows on Netflix and even playing games. However, it will take some time for you to ignore the slightly noticeable middle crease that’s part of the inner AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 phantom black water resistance

Water resistance is also another new feature of the Galaxy Z Fold3. You can unfold the phone underwater without jeopardising its durability. However, be reminded that while the IPX8 rating makes the phone water-resistant, it’s not dust-resistant. Taking good care of your phone with the right protective accessories would help keep the phone lasting for a very long time.

On Multitasking

What I love about the Galaxy Z Fold3 is its ability to open multiple apps on the large screen at once through simple navigating. I have my Word document on one half of the device as the main display, and Microsoft Teams on the other corner, and below is WhatsApp to keep me connected with my colleagues without having to switch screens. Personally, I think having three apps on one screen is the maximum I would go as the size is just right.

When not on a conference call, I also have Spotify at the bottom corner — browsing through songs that would inspire creative ideas and more. At times when I’m stuck with a writer’s block, I’d pinch out the PokemonGo App and have a quick break before continuing my work.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 phantom black multitasking
Plan your schedule without having to switch screens anymore.

Even though there’s so much going on at one time, the Galaxy Z Fold3 shows no signs of lag thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate on both the Cover Screen and Main Screen. The colours are vivid and everything is so responsive even with the most action-packed moments. The 5nm processor also keeps you in the game with more speed — and this remains as one of the most impressive feature I am still enjoying on the Galaxy Z Fold3.

When out and about, having to juggle work meetings and everything else in between, it is always great to have your phone deliver PC-like productivity without having to lug your laptop or other devices around. The Galaxy Z Fold3 is best for portability, and folds open stylishly especially when you’re out at a cafe — talk about turning heads, checked!

Whether you’re working on your presentation or simply doodling some ideas for your next campaign, the phone works seamlessly with all Microsoft Apps, creating a functional workstation for you on-the-go. To enjoy this full experience, let me reiterate the importance of having the S Pen Fold Edition. The first S Pen on a foldable is simply a life-saving tool for writing, splitting screens, sketching, moving things around and so much more.

Doing work on the Galaxy Z Fold3 is made easy with the compatible S Pen.

Another concern is that having the phone’s full stretched out display for hours could potentially drain the battery. However, the battery life trickled down slowly, and wasn’t dried out too drastically when I was using it for about two to three hours. If you’re planning to work longer, it is a good idea to have your power bank with you; just in case.

On Content Creation

The Galaxy Z Fold3 cameras, however, didn’t vary much from the previous Galaxy Z Fold2. It still gives you finely detailed photos and videos, with an addition of optical image stabilisation in the telephoto and ultra-wide cameras. The phone captures bright and crystal clear photos with brilliant colours like almost any latest Samsung phones.

There’s an under-display camera within the 7.6-inch main display, and the punch-hole is concealed by a patch of pixels when not in used — giving you a fully seamless and immersive experience. 

I had a lot of fun exploring the camera, especially with Portrait Video — imagine myself in London by the River Thames, taking a 360-degree video while keeping my feature sharp. The Single Take function is also great for one-off moments like a short performance, a latte-art demonstration or simply to capture a variety of shots (then choose the best ones). For tutorial videos, Director’s View would be perfect for content creators out there as you can record moments from multiple angles and multiple cameras including Cover and Rear at the same time. 

When it comes to making video content, the Pro Video function offers an in-depth interface for you to create professional quality videos with precision, resolution (9:16 or 1:1) crisp voice overs, aperture control, light exposure, and so much more. And you can also preview and review the photos at the same time while trying to capture the right angles — extra points for multitasking! Like every other device, you need to take your time to explore all the camera functions and master them with your own flair.

Preview and review photos while you’re still in Camera mode.


Having a separate phone and laptop is definitely ideal but living in the new norm has prompted a more seamless, fuss-free lifestyle especially with so much going on. And for me, I’m not really into carrying so many things like a phone (or two), power bank, cables, laptop and the charger around when I’m heading to town or if I plan to work outside.

This is especially convenient if I am on a plane and have to get some work done en route — having to take out your laptop and stow is back again is a drag and having a device that you can slip into your pocket is definitely a 10-10-10 across the board. The Galaxy Z Fold3 allows me sufficient functionality for my day-to-day work with a side of entertainment — especially with the internal screen that eliminates the need for another monitor or device.

While the Galaxy Z Fold3 is retailing from RM6,699, it is a long-term investment if you’re looking for something that is reliable, functional, and stylish for everyday use. While it is not a perfect laptop replacement, the Galaxy Z Fold3 is like a tablet and a phone combined into one. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has so much potential and is a solid foundation for its next iteration. It is also a double-duty multitasking beast, making it perfect for creatives, entrepreneurs, and those who are always on the running (like me!).

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