In our recent fashion spread with Louis Vuitton, we have the Shalma sisters talking about their experiences shooting as a sister-duo for the first time and the importance of support one another when the going gets tough.

Laughter fills the air throughout the entire time we are on set. The Shalma sisters — Shalma Ainaa and Shalma Eliana — reunite for the first time since the most recent lockdown and cannot contain their excitement. They aren’t shy to simply be their fun and bubbly selves; so much so we feel like we are part of the ‘household’.

Elder sister Ainaa, second of four sisters, gives out a commanding presence with an authoritative voice. Backed by years of experience in the entertainment industry, the entrepreneur, TV host and YouTuber wears a strong personality. But don’t be fooled by the strong facade as the 30-year-old is nothing but humble and affable. She brings with her the surety of a ‘big sister’ as she guides her younger sister throughout their first fashion shoot together as a pair.

The youngest sibling, Eliana — fondly known as ‘Yana’ — confides that this is her first experience doing first fashion shoot with Ainaa. With her sister by her side, her body of work goes beyond her 21-year-old self; exuding maturity, self confidence and a natural bent fashion photography. Little did she know, the camera loves her.

The budding singer-slash-actress who is an artist under Universal Music Malaysia strikes a pose like an experienced model, as her elder sibling throws in tips to pose. And that’s the real deal as Ainaa shares: “I’ve always been the strict and serious one in the family. It’s not arrogance but that’s how I share my experience to help my sister be better.”

“Ainaa has always been the no-nonsense kind of person and I love her for that, although sometimes I get pretty nervous — but that’s the kind of love we share, tough love,” adds Yana. The baby of the quarter says that she has her second sister to thank for her music career and who she is today.

“My sister has taught me the never-give-up attitude that I am fully embracing right now,” she quips. “She told me recently, when life gets tough, be tougher. And that’s so important because we sometimes forget we have to fight the feelings we have.”

We sit down with the Shalma sister over a bowl of salad to talk about fashion, sisterhood and the importance of encouraging and supporting one another through thick and thin.

Shalma Eliana with the Twist Mini in Epi Rose Ballerine with removable chain and LV Charm; Shalma Ainaa with the Twist Mini in Epi Rose Ballerine with handle.

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