Meal subscriptions aren’t new (tingkat deliveries have been around for decades), but the pandemic has, unsurprisingly, spurred the industry’s growth with the on-off dine-in and workplace restrictions.

For those who have no desire, patience or time to cook, these meal plans are a boon. There’s a host of local players at your fingertips promising to feed you tasty, balanced and healthy nosh that fit your (busy) lifestyle and taste preferences. One that offers a fully plant-based menu is Insane Meals, whose recent entry into the market spells good news for vegetarians and flexitarians.

It offers a wide variety of cuisines on its menu, which changes each week so you won’t get bored. Meal plan options include “Everyday” at 12 meals a week, and “Flexi” at six meals a week. Meat alternatives from Impossible, Tindle, Omni, Karana and Daiya are generously incorporated to excite your palate. “As more are exploring meat alternatives and plant-based diets, many are still exploring the nutritional aspects of these plant-based alternatives,” says Bonnie Lau, Insane Meals’ in-house dietitian. “We ensure that the dishes we create are nutritionally well-balanced. We look at taste, textures, flavours and ingredients to mindfully craft plant-based meals that give you excitingly delicious and healthier choices every day.”

During our week with Insane Meals, we had the Cheeky Plantwich with Tindle chicken, plant-based bacon and mashed potatoes, the Plork Stuffed Bitter Gourd with sauteed cabbage, cauliflower rice and garlic nai bai, an eggplant parmigiana, a plant-based fish cooked with garlic, lady fingers, shiitake mushrooms and served with brown rice, a mushroom risotto alongside a beetroot salad, and the Tom Yum Cheeky with Tindle chicken, straw mushrooms, nai bai, lady fingers and brown rice. Portions are substantial, too – we had the parmigiana and risotto in parts on different days. Delivered cold to be stored, these bento boxes are to be reheated in the microwave or the steamer for three minutes.

In its effort to reduce the carbon footprint that comes with deliveries, Insane Meals employs smart delivery routing through mobility apps to optimise fuel consumption. The paper boxes, ice packs and insulation bags can also be returned upon the next meal delivery or reused.

(All images: Insane Meals)

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