Sri Lanka promotes Ceylon Tea with ‘tea dyed’ masks, this is how it’s made


Colombo: Sri Lankan authorities has embarked on an innovative initiative to promote the Ceylon Tea brand during the global Covid-19 pandemic by distributing ‘tea dyed’ face masks to the international business community.

According to the Sri Lanka Tea Board (SLTB), the face masks which have undergone a value addition process with the usage of the Ceylon Tea dye, a by-product of iced tea manufacturing, is reusable upto 30 washes, reports the Daily Mirror newspaper.

The masks are natural antimicrobial (AATCC 100), bio-degradable, eco-friendly, and non-toxic.

The Ceylon Tea branded face masks are distributed on a complimentary basis in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

The SLTB said arrangements have been made to dispatch the branded face masks to over 75 Sri Lankan missions around the world who would distribute the product to the end users.