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Style Lessons: What to wear to surf skate in Bangkok

These trends are making the rounds on skate parks all over Bangkok.

What do skateboards, croissants, and Bitcoin have in common? Simple. They’re the three things that have spread across the city like – well, a pandemic. But there’s something especially attention-worthy about the surf skate craze in Bangkok right now. It’s not just the amount of skate parks that have popped up across town or the thousands of amazing board designs you can find – it’s also the big discussions over who’s got the coolest surf skate outfits in Bangkok. Do flat caps beat helmets? Is it lame to wear elbow protectors? Let’s break it down.

Inspired by some of our favourite influencer surf skaters in Bangkok, we break down some top tips and trends on how to nail that surf skate wardrobe so that you’re always the belle (or the beast) of the skate park.

[Hero/Featured image credit: Unsplash/Clem Onojeghuo]

1. Flat caps

The staple wardrobe item for any skater boy or girl. It’s cool, effortless, and it stops your hair from flying around all over the place. The only question is: backwards or forwards?

2. Helmets

But flat caps don’t have to be the only headgear. Nobody ever said that you can’t also look hardcore with a helmet. And besides, it gives you way more protection than a cap. Let that extra safety give you more confidence to try mad tricks on that board.

3. Crop top

Skater girls are known for their great figures, right? And what cuter way to show it off than flashing some skater abs under a cute 90s-style cropped T-shirt?

4. Baggy Trousers

Because there’s no cooler style combo than a cute girly top with boyish jeans or trousers.

5. Beachwear-sporty hybrid

Surely “surf” skating calls for something a little tropical. Try a combination of colourful beachwear with some fresh kicks. (Think of the look as “just got back from a jog on the beach”).

6. Protection but make it…sexy?

Safety will always be first, so might as well make it look good. 

7. Neon colours

Thanks to Bangkok’s summer heat, most surf skating happens at night. So, make sure you’re clearly visible by bringing some disco-vibe neon to your fits (for both style and safety points). Safety yellow t-shirts are a win-win.

8. Stay classy

Or, you know, be different. Everyone else will be trying to look like a skater, so you’ll definitely turn heads by trying to not look like one. Come to the park in your smartest white linens or crisp shirts and you’ll be a breath of much needed fresh air. Plus, with that chill, devil-may-care look, it doesn’t matter if you’re actually any good at skating. 

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