Whilst we still await the re-opening of spas for body treatments, we’ve kind of gotten used to at-home pampering over the weekend, or even during the week. Here are the best body scrubs we’ve been trying.

Shuffling between the sun and an air-conditioned room, it’s natural for your skin to feel tight and dry. Treating yourself to a relaxing warm bath with the right product is just what you need to ameliorate those concerns. If you’re including body scrubs in your shower routine, good for you. If you haven’t, then it’s time to do so. These magical exfoliators are beneficial additions to your morning and evening routine – not to mention, the delicious scents are a major plus point. 

What you need to know: Adding a scrub to your routine helps remove dead skin cells and improve blood circulation while boosting a healthy glow. It promotes skin hydration, which leaves your skin feeling soft and supple simply by massaging it over your body. The unpretentious yet effective and natural ingredients of sugar and salt help scrub off the dirt, preventing your skin from developing ingrown hairs. Plus, the product’s soothing whiffs act as a stress reliever after a long day. Take extra time in the shower and feel the benefits of these magical products on your skin.  

Below are our best beauty scrubs picks to add to the cart right now.

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