Have you become rusty at packing your suitcase or just generally unsure what’s needed for a vacation post-lockdown? Fret not, here are the best travel essentials for every jet-setter.

The announcement of the Malaysian government loosening restrictions calls for an overdue vacation. While an overseas trip remains on the horizon, you can start packing up for Langkawi thanks to the commencement of the travel bubble. What do you really need for a post-lockdown vacay? With Covid-19 very much around, how can you ensure a safe journey? 

Preparing for your post-lockdown holiday – whether long or short – can be overwhelming especially with plenty of SOPs to adhere to. It’s important that you make a list of things that you really need before you start looking for them. 

To aid your cause, we have come up with a list of travel essentials to ensure your holiday will proceed as smoothly as planned. If you’re feeling anxious about not having the right accessories with you, check out our guide below. From skincare products, to pouches, organizers or even a new suitcase, these travel essentials that are compact, easy to store and imperative for your well-being. With them by your side, any vacation from now on will be as enjoyable as it was pre-Covid.

Hero image credit: Unsplash/Annie Theby; Featured image credit: Unsplash/Serhiy Hipskyy

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