Do you find it tough to pick a book to read? Let the stars help you with that. 

Being stuck indoors means more reading. However, we understand that picking which book to read next can truly be a challenge at times. To be experimental and go for a genre you’ve never explored before? Go for another book written by your favourite author? Or to read a book you’ve already read but so badly want to read again? We’ve all been there. We also get that everyone needs an escape from staring at the same walls every day. On that account, mentally teleport yourself and embark on an adventure with these novels. 

We’ve decided to let the stars make decision-making a little easier. Here is a list of recommendations for which book we think you should read next, based on your zodiac sign. 

N.B.: This article was not written by a certified astrologer. 

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Monstera/Pexels]

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