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The Eco Floating Hotel arrives in Qatar: the last frontier of Green Luxury

Luxury, respect for the environment and design solutions: following these three guidelines, the world of high-end hôtellerie has changed the way of experiencing five-star hospitality.

Having abandoned the “eco monsters” who have marred some of the most beautiful areas on the planet in recent decades, today the watchword is eco-sustainability.

One of the most particular and futuristic projects in this sense comes from Qatar: it is the eco floating hotel, a revolutionary structure not only because it floats but, above all, because it is capable of generating electricity autonomously… by rotating on itself.

excellence magazine eco floating

The project was born from the creativity of the Hayry Atak Architectural Design Studio professionals.

According to their architects, the hotel will be able to generate electricity not only thanks to the rotational movement of the structure but also thanks to the help of a series of very particular wind turbines: their shape and position will make them usable also as umbrellas.

The wind turbines of the eco floating hotel will be able to produce 25Kw of electricity each; 55 umbrella-turbines are planned.

Naturally, the energy will be generated through the strategic positioning of the 55 modules, based on the local currents and winds.

excellence magazine eco floating hotel

The surprises are not over yet: the evocative structure features a vortex-shaped center.

This part of the eco floating hotel was thus designed with the specific function of collecting rainwater which will then be reused for landscaping, filling the swimming pool and spa tubs as well as irrigating the golf courses.

Created to be floating, the eco floating hotel could not fail to have a seawater purification and filtering system: thanks to this system, the structure will be able to manage the fertilization of green areas.

Floating and taking care of the environment looking at a different panorama every day: this is what this futuristic 35,000 square meter resort promises, equipped with 152 zero-emission suites. The project is at an advanced stage of definition, it is expected that you will be able to book your “eco-friendly fairytale” stay by 2025.

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