The 61st Genoa Boat Show took place from 16 to 21 September.

The event, one of the most anticipated of the year for lovers of the sea, saw the dedication of a part of the exhibition to beautiful boats, characterized by full sustainability.

Amer 120: the glass yacht

Amer Yachts was one of the leading companies of this boat show.

It was the one who captured the attention of the public: Amer 120.

amer 120 yacht
amer 120 yacht

36 meters of sustainability: the yacht, with its elegant elongated shape, was produced trying to reduce the use of fiberglass as much as possible.

In fact, as explained by the manufacturer, this material often presents great inconvenience with regard to proper disposal, thus causing a significant impact on the environment.

Precisely to avoid “end-of-life” problems, Amer 120 was created based on a metal cage on which large windows were placed.

amer 120 yacht
amer 120 yacht

The sides of this glass yacht have allowed a saving of four tons of fiberglass out of 120 total.

Very elegant interiors in recycled tech, an ecological engine and small balconies that favor natural ventilation are other features that make Amer 120 one of the new “objects of desire” for lovers of green luxury.

Ecoracer: 7 meters of sustainability

Reduce consumption and ensure maximum comfort in the name of the union between design, technology and respect for the environment.

These are the real “routes” traced by this boat show.

One of the most popular examples that go in this direction is the little Ecoracer.

A beautiful boat that in just 7 meters and 1,100 kilograms embodies the desire to sail in a sustainable way.

The boat is designed by the Matteo Polli Yacht Design studio and Alessandro Pera and Mattia Sconocchia for structural engineering.

Regattas are the primary use of Ecoracer. All construction materials are made of natural fibers.

Not only that: thanks to a collaboration with OneSales of Bussolengo, Ecoracer boasts sails produced with a particular polyethylene.

The new sails are not only ultra-resistant but, above all, they are centrally recyclable.

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