Just like how Bella Hadid stole the show at the Cannes Film Festival, and Billie Eilish did the same at the Oscars, the biggest star at the 2021 MTV VMAs wasn’t a musician. It was Megan Fox.

Accompanying her rapper-turned-rockstar boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly, Fox showed up to the red carpet in a Mugler gown and a thong, both embellished with crystals. Or, given how sheer the dress was, you could also say that the Jennifer’s Body actress showed up simply embellished with crystals.

It’s the kind of look that only hot people can pull off, and Fox has been consistently reminding us that she falls under that category through her Instagram posts (i.e. when she wore a cut-out, underboob bodysuit and informed everyone, “This is how I go to Erewhon now. Let’s talk about it.”). Her MTV VMAs ensemble, however, cements her status as not just any hot person but an Iconic Hot Person, putting her in the same league as the likes of Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.

Megan Fox wore a barely-there Mugler crystal dress that looks similar to the one Kim Kardashian wore to the 2019 Met Gala. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

That may have been the whole point, considering that Fox’s barely-there dress bears, a close resemblance to Kardashian’s unforgettable 2019 Met Gala look: a corseted nude dress, seemingly dripping with raindrop-like crystals, also made by Mugler. Both had wet tresses and a Calabasas address, bringing to life the fantasy that Kardashian described: “[Mugler] envisioned me as this California girl stepping out of the ocean, wet, dripping.”

Still, there are plenty of other references that could have been on Fox’s mood board. In the past year, the “wet look” has been seen on everyone from Kylie Jenner to Zendaya, who made the headlines at the Venice Film Festival with her own drenched dress and ‘do, the former courtesy of Balmain. And although she didn’t show up, credit has to go to Rihanna for wearing a naked crystal dress to 2014 CFDA, making it a staple for the red carpet ever since.

Left: Zendaya in Balmain at the 2021 Venice Film Festival | Rihanna’s iconic Swarovski crystal gown at the 2014 CFDA red carpet (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Or maybe Megan Fox simply wanted her outfit to match with her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, who dazzled with his own red sequin suit (unfortunately by Dolce & Gabbana). Whatever the case, she definitely succeeded in getting us to talk about it.

As did the other best-dressed celebrities of the MTV VMAs, whom we spotlight below.

Olivia Rodrigo

Gen Z icon Olivia Rodrigo had a full-circle moment when she received the award for “Song of the Year” (and fittingly so, because Driver’s License was infectious). The 18-year-old singer wore a custom puffy minidress from Heaven by Marc Jacobs, which, if you need an introduction to, you’re probably too old to wear. That’s because the new label has managed to distil all of Gen Z’s sartorial obsessions — from those Bratz-style chunky platform boots all over TikTok to the staples of grunge, goth, pop-punk and other subcultures they pretend to be nostalgic for — into Instagram-ready lookbooks. And it makes sense that Heaven by Marc Jacobs would get its time in the spotlight at a music award ceremony — Jacobs has only been dressing the likes of Kim Gordon, M.I.A. and other cool musicians throughout his career.

Billie Eilish

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

Emphasising the broad spectrum of styles that Gen Z fashion covers, Billie Eilish’s outfit was the antithesis of what Olivia Rodrigo wore: it was shapeless, comfortable, and devoid of colour. You can hardly make out the layers, which include an oversized knit cowl-neck sweater, a long skirt (instead of Billie’s signature baggy pants!), and wool socks scrunched up around platform sneakers. Our eyes are invariably drawn to Billie’s hair instead: a blonde shaggy bob, a departure from her neon green highlights that is meant to mark her Happier Than Ever era.

Lil Nas X

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

Not one to be outshined by the ladies, or anyone for that matter, Lil Nas X once again arrived on the red carpet with a desire to provoke those who still hold antiquated ideas about fashion. His Versace outfit — half suit, half gown — is the most obvious, gender-bending statement he could make. The concept has been explored endlessly both on the red carpet and on the runway by the likes of Thom Browne, and most recently, Kim Jones for Fendi Couture. But nobody else has done it in that soft shade of lilac, or with that many crystals.

Doja Cat

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

You might already notice that purple was a big colour on the MTV VMAs red carpet, and nobody flaunted the hue more fervently than Doja Cat. The Planet Her singer appeared in a full look from the Vivienne Westwood Fall/Winter 2019 collection, comprising a draped bodysuit in black and purple. This she intentionally matched with her eyeshadow, the streaks in her up-do, and even her nails. And still, she left room for more surprises: namely the large, lobster claw earrings that peeked from under her hair, and the stones — not beads — that lined her neck. Simply put, her look was out of this world.

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