Spice up your curfew nights with a fine pint of ice cream. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best, most intriguing, most unusual ice cream flavours you can find in Bangkok.

It’s no secret that Bangkok offers a great selection of ice cream, gelato, and even vegan and dairy-free iced treats. Pre-pandemic, Swensens was one of the most popular hangout spots for many after all. However, as we graduate from ice cream in malls (no problem with that), we’ve come to find that there are many artisanal ice cream makers about town, too. What we enjoy most is their vast range of flavours, from the classics over to the more creative.

Fish sauce ice cream? Mustard ice cream? Booze-infused ice cream? This city has got it. Read on and find out how to order and tease your taste buds below.

[Hero Image Credit: YORA; Featured Image Credit: Jing Jing Bar & Cafe]

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