Alexander Mcqueen and Vestiarire Collective have recently announced a completely innovative collaboration within the new frontier of luxury: circular fashion.

The idea starts from a new technology called “Brand Approved” that promises to revolutionize the second hand luxury market.


Brand Approved technology

This is a new system aimed at certifying garments.

In practice it will work in this way: an Alexander McQueen representative will go to contact a selected group of customers of the Vestiaire Collective portal who have chosen to sell their designer clothes on the famous portal dedicated to “second hand”.

The representatives of the English brand will evaluate the garments and accessories that customers wish to sell.

Once this process has been completed, if deemed suitable, a repurchase price will be given to the selected garments and accessories

When the Alexander McQueen employees validate the garments, the customer will be immediately assigned a voucher that can be used in the boutiques of the famous fashion house.

On the other side of the business, Vestiaire Collective will be able to assign the NFC tag to the garments.

With this tool, potential customers will be able to access all the information that will guarantee the authenticity of the selected garment.


The new fashion: circular and sustainable

The two very famous brands, among the most loved by fashion victims from all over the world, have always shown particular attention to sustainability in all their initiatives.

Over the years, both McQueen and Vestiaire Collective have sent very clear messages, all aimed at changing and making consumers’ purchasing choices more aware.

The common mission of both brands is to raise awareness and bring about a profound change in high fashion business models.

This initiative demonstrates that moving from a linear economy to a circular economy model, in which reuse becomes the lifeblood of commerce, including luxury, is a real, concrete prospect that is also positively valued by customers.

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