Technology companies, including those that command the digital entertainment space, are among the world’s most successful businesses. A key indicator of this is their share price growth, and we are amazed at how technologies have advanced over the years.

Companies such as Netflix and Amazon launched their initial public offerings (IPO) around two decades ago. The price of their shares now has gone through the roof.

Then, there is Google, Apple, Facebook and Tesla — each a giant in the world of tech, services and business. Among them, Apple was the only major player in the stock market at the turn of the century.

Powered by constant innovations and smart decisions, businesses have led to their phenomenal rise, which, in return, has held both the companies and their shareholders in good stead.

Investing in stocks is seen as one of the most profitable ways to increase wealth, provided you can — to borrow The Rock’s famous catchphrase — “smell what’s cooking”. The share price growth of these companies bear lessons for market analysts and investors.

To put it simply, someone who may have bought just a single stock in Apple in 1980 is now rolling in greenbacks. The same is with a shareholder of Amazon, a company that has witnessed a growth rate like none other.

Take a look at these major tech players who have been a boon to investors who had faith in them at the very beginning.

(Main image: Tech Daily/Unsplash)

(Featured image: Patrick Weissenberger/Unsplash)

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