Introduce almonds into your daily beauty regime, according to TikTok beauty this week.

You’ve probably noticed that natural cosmetics are on the rise, as is the Do It Yourself (DIY) trend, which sees beauty fans concocting treatments and products that aren’t formulated from dozens of unrecognizable ingredients. And the phenomenon has been appropriated by users of social networks who are outdoing one another to share tips for transforming nature’s riches into beauty essentials. This week, we’re interested in almonds, which can be transformed into homemade eyeliner in a flash.

Eyeliners, like mascaras, can contain substances that are harmful to the skin, and even more so to the eyes. In the face of this fact, Tiktokers have been getting inventive as they experiment with creating their own products from natural ingredients. And almonds seem to be an option. While you were probably already aware of the virtues of this lipids-packed food, you probably never considered it as an eyeliner. And yet, many users of the social network have taken it out of the kitchen and made it their new beauty essential.

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What, you may be saying. Indeed a person could think that this time the Tiktokers are pulling our leg or have suffered a head injury, but it turns out that this trick, as original as it is, works. Users have tested it, and most of the time approved its effectiveness, though there are still some failures. But let’s make it clear that the TikTokers didn’t actually invent anything (or at least it’s unlikely) because there were already a lot of eyeliner recipes and tutorials on the web using almond as a raw material. The only difference is for the TikTok version all you need is the nut to achieve a doe eye.

To do this, all you need is an almond (of course) and a lighter, or possibly a candle. Nothing very expensive, nor difficult to find. Then you have to burn the tip of the almond, trying if possible to hold the other end with a pair of tweezers, or something, to avoid burning yourself and ending up in the emergency room. Once the tip is burned, it is better to wait for it to cool down — again with the aim of not having to call medical. The last step is to use the tip of the almond as if it were the tip of an eyeliner. Note that some users of the social network have also taken advantage of it to make a smoky eye. The almond could therefore, in this case, replace your eyeshadow.

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Of course in addition to the possibility of burning yourself, you also wouldn’t want to try this if you have a nut allergy or if you have sensitive eyes.

However, it doesn’t work every time. Like the natural blush, which consists in pinching the nose and the cheeks for an immediate healthy glow, this trick seems to work only on light skins as many TikTok beauty hackers have demonstrated.


Hero and feature images by Juan José Valencia Antía on Unsplash. The story is published via AFP Relaxnews

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