Shopping for whiskies for Chinese New Year 2022?

In a protracted blink of an eye, Chinese New Year 2022 is ready to bend around the corner. Just a little over a month after the profusion of merrymaking during Christmas where mulled wine and Eggnog are copiously consumed, it is another round of conviviality over whisky (or cognac) and card games where one chances his luck to parlay loose change into Ang Pow-worthy returns.  

Furthermore, gifting is a much-vaunted tradition of Chinese New Year. Presenting a valuable gift in an auspicious colour such as red or gold gains you some valuable brownie points, thereby making you a gracious guest. In the same vein, treating your guest to fine liquids is expected of a generous host.

Naturally, it bears the question:  

Which whiskies and cognacs should you get for Chinese New Year 2022 celebrations?  

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