What does ‘nah he tweakin’ mean, and why is it taking over the internet?

If you have gone to Instagram in the last two days, it is safe to assume that you might have come across the phrase ‘nah he tweakin’ numerous times.

It is in comments under almost every post, meme, and is being used in real conversations too. We bet some of you might be wondering how this phrase came into existence and why is it all over the internet? We have the answers for you.

The origin of the trend: Lil Nas X Vs. Tony Hawk

In March 2021, American rapper Lil Nas X sparked a controversy when he launched his red and black ‘Satan Shoes,’ featuring a bronze pentagram, an inverted cross, and purportedly containing a single drop of human blood. The much criticised pair of shoes sold out within a minute of going on sale.

nah he tweakin
Image credit: MSCHF via CNN

Nike went on to sue the producer of the product claiming that “the company, MSCHF Product Studio Inc, infringed on and diluted Nike’s trademark.” The lawsuit was later settled after MSCHF agreed to issue a voluntary recall.

However, the controversy sparked again on 25 August. After it was announced that pro US skateboarder Tony Hawk is releasing a limited skateboard collection, infused with his blood, Lil Nas X had things to say. The rapper called out the criticism his ‘Satan Shoes’ received earlier this year.

After the tweet by Lil Nas X, RAPTV (@rap) made a post on its Instagram page about the controversy asking if Lil Nas X was “speaking facts or nah?” The rapper commented on this post with the phrase “nah he tweakin,” which garnered over 1,00,000 likes and made it the latest addition to the long list of social media trends.

Tony Hawk Skateboard
Image Credit : Instagram/Rap by RAPTV

Nah he tweakin: What does it mean?

For the ones who are unaware, the phrase might not make sense. The word ‘tweaking’ is a much used term in rap and hip-hop culture to refer to someone high on stimulants. It can even be used to define someone who is acting irrationally or saying something stupid.

Why is it trending?

Since the comment by the rapper managed to generate so much hype, people jumped in on the trend and started commenting ‘nah he tweakin’ on Tony Hawk’s Instagram posts. While neither Lil Nas X nor Tony Hawk has addressed the comments taking over, Instagram surely has when their communication team tweeted about it.

While some people believe the comments are from bots, others believe it is just regular users being a part of the drama. Nevertheless, ‘nah he tweakin’ is now a part of Gen-Z slang, Instagram comment section, and a massive wave of memes leading to part humor and part frenzy!

(Main Image: NBC News; Featured Image: Liquid Death)

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