Have you ever wondered what does it really mean to be a man today?

From its first debut with Mahershala Ali, the notions of #WHATMAKESAMAN resurface through Zegna’s latest Fall/Winter 2021 collection. The (RESET) What Makes a Man Campaign extends the conversation as Zegna questions not only what modern man wears, but also what modern man feels.

Redesigning the contemporary wardrobe for the new world, Zegna sees an opportunity to reset the vernacular beliefs of What Makes a Man. For Fall/Winter 2021, the notion comes to life through a far-sighted collection created by Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori to redefine the sartorial codes of the modern man.

Alessandro Sartori, Creative Director of Ermenegildo Zegna
Alessandro Sartori, Artistic Director of Ermenegildo Zegna

Sartori responds to how men live today — in a new reality where we live, work and lounge all in one place. Inspired by changing lifestyles and reorganised priorities, Zegna transforms the idea of luxury to envision an effortlessly wearable category of clothing. It is called Luxury Leisurewear, comprising hybrid garments that move away from sheer formality with the brand’s thoughtful sartorial approach at heart.

The (RESET) What Makes a Man Fall/Winter 2021 campaign reveals a paradigm shift in the way we understand style and sophistication, as the modern man introduces a new versatile wardrobe as a fundamental part of his lifestyle.

The Fall/Winter 2021 campaign stars diverse Modern Voices through the storytelling of five inspiring members of Zegna’s global community, which include ballet dancer Mickael Lafon, fashion buyer Into Sliwinski, photographer Jon Bronxl, and models Maggie Maurer and Yura Nakano.

The concept of ‘What Makes a Man’ is rhetorically challenged throughout the campaign video, with the five personalities decked in the latest tailoring of Zegna Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

A question stands out as narrated by up and coming photographer Jon Bronxl: “Is the the traditions we honour or the ones we create?” It challenges historic and heritage values, while embracing modernity at the same time.

“Sometimes you have to let your life scare you. If you never struggle, you never learn and grow,” Maggie Maurer speaks as she chronicles the performative quality of modelling that would not have materialised if boundaries aren’t broken. “I believe my job is to bring life to idea from the minds of all the different creatives I have worked with.”

Each with a unique notion, the quintet challenges us to rethink our preconceived ideas, to reconsider the boundaries of modern masculinity and reaffirm the values that are even more so important today. In the same vein, Sartori demonstrates the exact values in his silhouettes as he flexes the evolving attitudes through a repertoire that melds sartorial with utilitarian values.

The collection focuses on Zegna’s fabric expertise on a new generation of jersey knitting techniques and soft fabrics that blend lavish comfort with refined tailoring. It reiterates Zegna’s century-old codes as the fashion label continues to redefine what luxury menswear looks like for everyday life especially life through the pandemic.

The Zegna Fall/Winter 2021 campaign brings to life The New Jacket, including the iconic overskirt, which becomes a must-have alternative to the blazer. Zegna’s most enduring Triple Stitch Sneaker is also reimagined in #UseTheExisting with an upcycled 14MILMIL14 wool fabrication.

“The way modern men dress, their needs and habits have been changing considerably over the past year. To me, this was the perfect time to rethink what is possible, to reconsider what really matters and to rebalance style while we are called to answer to changing times,” confides Sartori.

On redefining codes, Sartori concludes: “A new aesthetic is needed: fluid, ageless, adaptable, where comfort matches perfectly with style.”

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