Being stuck in a hotel room for two weeks may have sounded like a blast pre-pandemic, but those who have stayed in an ASQ will know that it’s no walk in the park. To help anyone make it through possibly two of the most dreary weeks of their lives, here are some ideas for what you could send your friend, boyfriend, family member, or anybody else currently in hotel quarantine.

Perhaps they have a particular affinity for bath bombs. Perhaps they’re into fitness. Maybe they like candles. Maybe they like cookies. Whatever it may be, here are some ideas for what to send your friend, boyfriend, or parent stuck in hotel quarantine — beyond well wishes, fresh air, and Vitamin D, of course.

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hotel quarantine asq pyjamas
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What to send… A good friend

If a good friend is visiting you in Thailand, be a good friend right back, and send them a vacuum cleaner. This may sound absurd, but will be ever-so-useful when they realise they won’t get daily cleaning services. Send them a few good books to keep them entertained, and cosy loungewear (we like local brands like Siamese Dreams and MOO) to switch up their daily look. Add in a bath bomb for good measure (if you know their ASQ has a bath tub) and you’ll definitely make the best friend list.

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What to send… Your mum or dad

If your family member is in hotel quarantine, send them something to remind them of home, like a framed family photo (or a full album). Accompany this with a dinner delivery from a family restaurant you used to visit (we’d order a full set from Il Bolognese, Beirut, or your favourite neighbourhood street food spot) so they can feel like they’re having dinner at home with you. Add something personal, like their favourite coffee mug, so they can have a piece of home in their hotel room.

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What to send… Your long distance boyfriend

It is important to maintain a routine while in hotel quarantine, so send your boyfriend not only some great coffee, but a great coffee routine, too. Whilst you could send ready-made Americanos, we like the idea of sending coffee beans, a coffee grinder, scale, filters, and cups. This way, bae can make a fresh coffee every morning (and get an arm workout, too). Sarnies has launched an online store and is a great place to start for this. If bae is more a tea person than a coffee person, we also like the caffeine-free and zero-calorie teas from Plantogenic as an alternative.

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What to send… Your long distance girlfriend

If you want to keep things traditional, pamper your girlfriend with the classics. Send her flowers on arrival (or every single day), so she always has something pretty to look at. We like Petale BKK for bouquets, especially because you can craft a bouquet out of anything — they even have Ferrero Rocher bouquets and Lay’s bouquets. Pair with a sweet treat (recently-launched Froyo from The Rolling Pinn won’t fail) and you’re good to go.

apple tv for hotel quarantine
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What to send… Your crush

Maybe you’re not so close to this person, but you want your presence felt. Send your crush a few of your favourite classic snacks so that you can pretend you did a late-night run to 7/11 together. Better yet, send them a streaming device like an Apple TV, and eat your snacks at the same time while watching a movie together online.

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What to send… Your new colleague

Despite the chaos, several people are starting new jobs at this time, with some even moving across countries. Got a new co-worker that is currently in hotel quarantine? Whilst it’s not quite like welcoming them to the physical office on their first day, it’s kind and mindful to send them something during this time. You’ll never go wrong with candles (we shop them from Klin), and maybe even some stationary. In a journal, they could record their first impressions.

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What to send… Your foodie friend

Send your foodie friend some easy cooking kits if they have somewhat a kitchen in their ASQ, or just a meal they can put together themselves. We like Cream by Flour Flour’s DIY doughnut kits for the simplest version of this. If they’re really just big on eating, make it your mission to send them 14 days of Bangkok foodie favourites, from 100 Mahaseth to Bun Meat and Cheese, and Sri Trat, over to Bonchon, Koi The, and a simple wanton noodle soup. You know what to do.

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What to send… Your fitness fanatic friend

Whilst your fitness fanatic friend should probably calm down a little in hotel quarantine, you can still send them a few workout essentials to maintain their sanity. Start with a yoga mat and a jump rope, and maybe send some light weights their way, too. To help them work out in a small space, gift them a subscription to online fitness classes.

hotel quarantine activities

What to send… Your creative friend

Hotel quarantine seems like the perfect time to get creative juices flowing, so your creative friend will welcome any blank canvas you can send them. Not just colouring pencils or paint, extend even further into the crafty side of things, and send your creative friend knitting or crochet kits, or modelling clay for fun, too. Tom Daley at the Tokyo Olympics for inspiration? They’ll love it.

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