Singapore is inundated with options for Japanese cuisine, especially since we’re such big fans of sushiramen, and udon.

Chirashi has become a popular staple in the past few years, and many know the dish as a rice bowl that comes topped with an assortment of raw fish and seafood.

The dish can be traced back to Tokyo (formerly Edo) during the Meiji Period, (1868-1912) where the city’s proximity to Tokyo Bay resulted in widespread availability to fresh fish and seafood. Today, chirashi bowls in Singapore are most typically served with salmon, tuna, prawns, tamago (sweet egg omelette) and is garnished with nori (seaweed) and ginger slices.

More luxurious versions tend to feature premium ingredients such as scallop, yellowtail, swordfish, ikura (salmon roe), and varying cuts of toro (fatty tuna). Whether you’re looking for a humble rice bowl or a more indulgent offering, read on for our guide to the best chirashi bowls in Singapore.

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