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Where to order hot dogs in Bangkok this weekend

Got any plans for your upcoming cheat meal yet? How about a hot dog?

Whilst we know you love burgers and pizzas, we wanted to give a special shoutout to those of you who are hot dog people. After all, a nicely barbecued sausage inside a soft bun topped with a variety of toppings can be a real treat.

Here, we’ve listed some of our favourite hot dogs you can order in Bangkok. Featuring different kinds of meat, buns, sauce, and toppings, there’s plenty to choose from here. Happy munching.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Daniel Lloyd/Unsplash]


Pappy’s prides itself in making Chicago-style hot dogs using 100% all-natural smoked beef sausages. What makes them Chicago-style, besides the beef, is their poppy seed bun and their dripping toppings. Famously, this kind of hotdog is described to be “dragged through the garden,” a play on how it comes covered with things like tomato, pickles, peppers, onions, mustard, and celery salt.

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More than just an extremely memorable name, you probably know Dick Hotdog from various Instagram posts. They’re a little trendy that way. Dick Hotdog serve a variety of hot dogs that span classic American, Vietnamese, and even Thai. The latter (they call it the “Thai Dick”) comes with Thai sausage. Toppings range from classic cheese or bacon over to fried eggs, and come with sides like fries or even rice. Multi-cultural.

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Jamie’s Burgers is beloved for their burgers and steaks, but their hot dogs deserve acclaim, too. Highlighting Thai beef, their hot dogs come without much fuss, and are the kind of friendly size that allows you to try different toppings and eat a few in one night.

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More along a classic American tangent, head to Little Market and try their Chilli Cheese Dog. It’s made using a housemade cheese sauce, American chilli, and fresh onions. Proving that you can’t fault a classic, pair it with some cajun curly fries too, because you only live once.

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A truly beloved burger spot, many overlook the hot dog section at 25 Degrees, but it’s definitely worth trying. They’ve got two main options: the classic with relish and sauerkraut, or the Sonoran with bacon, cheese, pinto beans, onion, green chilli, caramelised onion, mustard, and garlic aioli. You know what to go for.

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