If there’s one type of outdoor sport we’ve been spotting all over our feeds lately, it is this one: wakesurf.

Outdoor lovers are doing it, lifestyle influencers are doing it, even major fashion labels are hosting events where guests can partake in it. Wakesurfing: are you ready to ride the latest trend?

First things first, what exactly is wakesurfing?

As its name kind of reveals, wakesurf is a water sport that involves a little bit of surfing skill. However, it is proficiently easier than surfing.

When you wakesurf, you trail behind a boat, guided and supported by a rope you can hold on to. You trail behind the boat, riding the boat’s “wake.” You’ll normally hold on to the tow rope to assist with balance, though many also let go of the rope once they are fully standing and confident. It’s a relatively easy sport to learn, and it also looks very cool on Instagram.

Normally priced around THB500 per session (though this varies depending on day/time), it’s definitely worth a shot if you’re looking to try something new.

Can you wakesurf in Bangkok?

Seeing as wakesurfing is a relatively socially distanced sport, it never really closed down even during the lockdown, and thereby got very popular. Most times you’ll be riding the wake alone, with an instructor (and hopefully some friends and family) riding ahead on the boat. However, it does require sufficient space, which is why wakesurfing in central Bangkok (unless you somehow manage to do it on the Chao Phraya river), is not possible. Luckily, there are a few spots on the outskirts of Bangkok that you can visit. These have their very own lakes especially designated to the sport. Below are the ones you should know.

[Hero Image Credit: Kalisa Veer/Unsplash]

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