By appointment: The Royal Warrant holders in London to shop now


In an age of TikTok celebrity ad campaigns and #gifted product content, an honest and strictly regulated stamp of approval is perhaps more valuable than ever. Cue the Royal Family, the original influencers, and a rare celebrity endorsement you can actually trust. For everything from umbrellas to perfume to sports cars, the family dishes out official royal warrants for the goods they and their households use.

British monarchs have been issuing these since the 15th century, but it wasn’t until 1840 that a young Queen Victoria felt the need to stop imposters cashing in on the royal name, creating a strict set of rules and criteria. She and Prince Albert were big fans of the Royal Warrant idea, and she issued nearly 2,000 to British businesses during her 63-year tenure.

Still, getting hold of one is not as easy as a member of the Royal Family simply saying they use a product or service. A brand must have supplied either the reigning monarch, their spouse or the Prince of Wales for at least five of the last seven years to be considered. Even when a Royal Warrant is eventually granted, it’s up for review every five years, and can be taken away if the company is no longer up to scratch. Whether the business is an international fashion house or a supplier of marmalade, the process of receiving and retaining the endorsement is the same. Most importantly, the relationship between the Royal Warrant giver and receiver must always be commercial, not gifted.

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Perhaps this is why, when we look inside our Burberry trench coat, Hunter wellies or Musto sailing jacket and see ‘By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen’ stitched into the lining, it still feels like the real deal. Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022, however, things are set to change for many brands, as those endorsed by Her Majesty alone will only be able to lay claim to the prestigious title for a maximum of five years after her death. Going forward, new warrants may only be granted by King Charles III and the Prince of Wales, meaning many female-centric brands, such as the Queen’s skincare and jewellery suppliers, may be set to miss out. Here are the London-based Royal Warranted brands to shop while you still can…

Anderson and Sheppard, Mayfair 

anderson and sheppard

By appointment to: The Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) as a Tailor 

A leading Savile Row tailor since 1906, Anderson and Sheppard became known for its signature English Drape cut: a now-classic suiting silhouette created to be more comfortable than suits with rigid constraints of military dress during the early 20th century. In 2011, the firm was granted a Royal Warrant by the then Prince of Wales, highlighted the following year when Charles paid an official visit to the shop. After decades as a customer, he spent time in the cutting room and workshops, meeting staff and appraising the bespoke process firsthand. 

17 Clifford Street, W1S 3RQ. Visit

Bentley & Skinner, Piccadilly

bentley and skinner

Image: Alan Kean/Shutterstock

By appointment to: The Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) as Jewellers and Silversmiths

Fine jewellery experts Skinner & Co (as was the company’s original name) was first invited to supply jewellery to the Royal Family in the latter years of Queen Victoria’s reign and was later granted Jewellers by Royal Appointment to both the late Queen and the Prince of Wales. Specialising in fine antique jewels, Faberge and silver, Bentley & Skinner is renowned for its exquisite collection of engagement rings, signet ring and diamond tiaras – which we know are always popular with the royals. 

55 Piccadilly, W1J 0DX. Visit

Smythson, across London 

By appointment to: The Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) as Suppliers of Stationery and Office Equipment

Having long catered for high society, from European Royalty and the Indian Maharajas to Grace Kelly and Winston Churchill, Smythson has long been a Royal Warrant holder, having first been given the accolade in 1890 by Queen Victoria to create stationery for all of the royal houses. With shops across London, discover a range of beautifully-crafted leather goods including bags, diaries, stationery and jewellery boxes. 


Gieves and Hawkes, Piccadilly

gieves and skinner

By appointment to: The Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) as a Tailor and Outfitters

Originally home to Lord Fairfax, royal commissioner of customs for King George III, Gieves and Hawkes was once split into two – Gieves was a supplier of the British Royal Navy and Hawkes of the British Army – until the two merged in 1974 when the company moved to 1 Savile Row. Boasting a Royal Warrant since 1789, Gieves and Hawkes knows a thing or two about regal dressing, having designed the late Queen Elizabeth II’s boat cloak photographed by Cecil Beaton, as well as regularly tailoring for King Charles III, his grandfather King George VI and great grandfather King George V, as well as Princes William and Harry.

1 Savile Row, W1S 3JR. Visit

Hatchards, Piccadilly

hatchards piccadilly

Image: Alla Tsyganova/Shutterstock

By appointment to: The Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) as Booksellers

A haven for bibliophiles, Hatchards has stood proud at its Piccadilly address since 1797 and now boasts five floors of new and old novels for customers to get lost in. Specialising in signed first editions, Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III was one of Hatchards’ first customers and to this day the bookshop holds three Royal Warrants: the late Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales. 

187 Piccadilly, W1J 9LE. Visit

Moyses Stevens Flowers, Chelsea

moyses stevens

Image: Magdanatka/Shutterstock

By appointment to: The Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) as Florists

The longest-running florist in London, Moyses Stevens has been creating beautiful bouquets since 1876 and now delivers its delightful creations nationwide. Rumoured to be a favourite with the late Queen and the Princess of Wales, buying a floral arrangement here is as decadent an experience as you could get. 

188 Pavilion Road, SW3 2BF. Visit

Twinings, Mayfair


Image: Luziana5588/Shutterstock

By appointment to: The Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) as Tea and Coffee Merchants

Ever wondered which tea is poured into the fine china teacups at Buckingham Palace? That would be Twinings, of course, having served quality British tea and herbal infusions for more than 300 years. Originally known as the East India Company, Queen Elizabeth I bestowed a royal charter on the company in 1600, giving it a monopoly over all British trade with the Indies and therefore the only company licensed to sell goods, such as tea, into Britain. In 1837, that accolade was made official by Queen Victoria who granted Twinings its first Royal Warrant for tea – and the company has supplied every successive British monarch to date.

10 Grosvenor Street, W1K 4QY. Visit

The Ritz Hotel, Piccadilly

By appointment to: The Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) for Banqueting and Catering Services

A London institution, it’s no surprise The Ritz is on the Royal Warrant holders list. The five-star hotel is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful in Europe and also boasts Michelin-star dining that’s catered for all manner of high society, including the Royal Family. It’s no secret that the Grand Dame is a favourite of King Charles, and in 2002, he awarded its dining and catering services a Royal Warrant. In fact, in January 1999, Prince Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort, made their relationship public with a photograph on the hotel’s steps in a photo op dubbed ‘Operation Ritz’. 

150 Piccadilly, W1J 9BR. Visit

The Goring Hotel, Belgravia

By appointment to: The late Queen Elizabeth II for Hospitality Services

The Goring is the only hotel in London (and the world, for that matter) to have been granted a Royal Warrant for hospitality, and the Princess of Wales chose to stay there the night before her wedding. Grand and majestic, it’s also the only five-star hotel in London that is owned and run by the family that built it (the Goring family, 112 years ago) and the closest to Buckingham Palace. For a splash-out hotel stay in London, The Goring is well-placed within strolling distance of the Royal Parks and some of the city’s best shops, theatres and galleries.

Beeston Place, SW1W 0JW. Visit

Fortnum & Mason, Piccadilly

By appointment to: The late Queen Elizabeth II as a Grocer and Provision Merchant and the Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) as a Tea Merchant and Grocer

More in the way of afternoon tea, it doesn’t get more quintessentially British than the Tea Salon at Fortnum & Mason, opened by the Queen herself to mark her diamond jubilee. Fortnum’s has had close ties with the royals since day one – it was founded when Queen Anna gave her footman William Fortnum permission to sell discarded candles from St James’s Palace in 1707 – and currently holds two Royal Warrants. Aside from beautifully packaged loose-leaf tea and wicker hampers laden with goodies, the food hall is a wonderful place to discover start-up food brands and artisanal producers.

181 Piccadilly Mayfair, W1A 1ER. Visit

Lock & Co Hatters, St James’s

lock and co hatters

By appointment to: The Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) as a Hatter

Aside from boasting a Royal Warrant from King Charles, Lock & Co has two other impressive claims: it is the oldest hat shop in the world, and the oldest shop in London. For 345 years, the original store on 6 St James’s Street has worked with the best felts, tweeds, cloth, and cashmere fabrics to cover the heads of London’s great and good. Behind a tiny, unassuming shop front, a rabbit’s warren of classic and modern hats makes for a totally unique shopping experience.

6 St James’s Street, SW1A 1EF. Visit

Turnbull and Asser, St James’s

turnbull and asser

By appointment to: The Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) as a Shirtmaker

The men of the royal household – Princes Phillip, Charles, William, and latterly even little George and Louis – have long been icons of classic British gentleman’s attire. It’s no surprise therefore that timeless brands such as Turnbull and Asser are their shirtmakers of choice. Known for its made-to-measure service, as well as off-the-hanger evening shirts, the Jermyn Street outfitter also sells tailored smoking jackets, suits and even pyjamas.

71/72 Jermyn Street, SW1Y 6PF. Visit

John Lobb, St James’s

john lobb

Image: Shutterstock

By appointment to: The Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) as a Bootmaker

St James’s has long been a hotspot for Royal Warrants when it comes to men’s clothing – but it’s also the place to go in London for classic shoes. Such is the case with John Lobb, a name that has been synonymous with traditional English craftsmanship and fine, handmade boots for over 170 years. Still run by the Lobb family, the shoemakers famously fashion each pair of shoes uniquely to each foot and lower leg, keeping a wooden ‘foot tree’ for each bespoke client in their archives below ground.

9 St James’s Street, SW1A 1EF. Visit

Burberry, across London


Image: Shutterstock

By appointment to: The late Queen Elizabeth II as a Weatherproofer and The Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) as an Outfitter

Royal Warrants are not reserved for small, family-run artisanal companies; even the Queen wasn’t immune to the attractions of a brand like Burberry. Officially, the British fashion house is credited as ‘Weatherproofer’ to the late Queen and ‘Outfitter’ to the Prince of Wales, now King Charles III, supplying the outdoors-y gear they so famously love. To mark the Platinum Jubilee, Burberry designed a limited edition silk scarf, inspired by ancient British woodlands and the four nations of the United Kingdom.


Molton Brown, across London

royal warrant molton brown

By appointment to: The late Queen Elizabeth II as a Supplier of Toiletries

Ever wondered which hand soap the Queen had in her downstairs loo? Well, it’s likely to be Molton Brown, whose collection of signature fragrances, bath and shower gels, home and hand care luxuries have claimed the royal warrant for ‘Supplier of Toiletries’ since 2013. Rumour has it that you’ll find a set of its Orange & Bergamot hand wash and lotion in the bathrooms at Balmoral.

130 Shaftesbury Avenue, W1D 5EU. Visit

Clarins, across London

royal warrant clarins

Image: Shutterstock

By appointment to: The late Queen Elizabeth II as a Manufacturer of Skin Care and Cosmetics

Clarins is one of those rare beauty brands that spans all generations, with iconic products such as the Beauty Flash Balm and Double Serum gracing the wash bags of young and old alike. The Queen appointed Clarins as her official ‘Manufacturers of Skin Care and Cosmetics’ long ago, but the love affair didn’t stop there: in 1953, she actually commissioned the brand to create a shade of lipstick to match her coronation robes for her ceremony. Yes, the brand may technically hail from Neuilly-sur-Seine in France but, with a history like this (and a London HQ), we think it deserves a place on this list.

10 Cavendish Place, W1G 9DN. Visit

Floris, St James’s

royal warrant floris london

By appointment to: The late Queen Elizabeth II as a Perfumer and The Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) as Manufacturer of Toilet Preparations

Floris is known to be the Queen’s go-to perfume brand, with unconfirmed rumours that she favours its signature White Rose scent. What is confirmed is that she wore a Floris scent on her wedding day (as did Meghan Markle, incidentally), and that it has been her official ‘Perfumer’ ever since her coronation. Floris was first appointed ‘Smooth Pointed Comb Maker’ to King George IV in 1820, with a handful more Royal Warrants in between.

89 Jermyn Street, SW1Y 6JH. Visit

Mappin & Webb, across London

royal warrant mappin and webb

By appointment to: The late Queen Elizabeth II as a Jewellers, Goldsmith and Silversmith and to The Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) as a Silversmith

Old-school jewellery and watch shop Mappin & Webb has been a warranted silversmith to the past five monarchs, but in 2017 it was finally promoted to the position of the Crown Jeweller: custodian of the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London. For us mere mortals, its three London stores (Soho, Regent Street and the City of London) are a fabulous place to peruse new and vintage Rolexes and shop for silver-plated cutlery, diamond-studded jewellery and gifts.

132 Regent Street, W1B 5SF. Visit

Cartier, across London

By appointment to: The Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) as a Jeweller and Goldsmith

Much has been speculated about the Queen’s favourite leather-strapped watch, worn when she’s dressing more casually, but the brand has never been revealed. Still, experts reckon it might be a bespoke vintage Cartier Tank, and the association has stuck. The French jeweller set up shop in London just in time for the coronation of King Edward VII in 1902, and has been a family favourite ever since: King George VI bought his wife many pieces from Cartier, the Duke of Windsor purchased Wallis Simpson a sapphire brooch from the brand in 1949, while the Duchess of Cambridge famously favours her Cartier Ballon Bleu. Cartier has a handful of shops across London, but the Bond Street flagship is the most magnificent.

Walmar House, 296 Regent Street, W1B 3AP. Visit

Berry Bros and Rudd, St James’s

royal warrant berry bros

By appointment to: The late Queen Elizabeth II and The Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) as a Wine & Spirits Merchant

When it comes to procuring booze, Berry Bros and Rudd has long been the go-to for the monarchs. In fact, as Britain’s oldest wine merchant, the firm has supplied the British Royal Family since the reign of King George III in 1760. Today, the family business holds two Royal Warrants, for both the Queen and Prince Charles, but is never one to rest on its laurels, thanks to it predominantly female leadership under Lizzy Rudd and strong focus on sustainability.

3 St James’s Street. SW1A 1EG Visit

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