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Torta yogurt e fragole ( soffice e profumata ) la Ricetta veloce

La Torta yogurt e fragole è un dolce soffice, delizioso e genuino! Una variante alla frutta della classica Torta allo yogurt. In questo caso realizzata con yogurt greco, denso e compatto che regala una morbidezza incredibile; e tante fragole in pezzi dentro e sopra l’impasto che in cottura diventano cremose e scioglievoli, donando tutto il loro succo e profumo!  In due parole : semplicemente strepitosa! Si tratta inoltre di una preparazione veloce e facilissima. Potete realizzarla con o senza burro, basta semplicemente montare tutti gli ingredienti in ciotola, il tempo di guarnire con le...

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8 farm-to-table hotels to add to your sustainable bucket list

Here’s a look at some farm-to-table hotels from around the world. In recent years, many people have become conscious of their carbon footprint on the planet and are moving towards a sustainable lifestyle. Along with individuals, many businesses, including the hospitality industry, are slowly changing their ways and adopting eco-friendly practices as their contribution to protecting the environment. One of the concepts that have gained popularity is farm-to-table restaurants in hotels and resorts. This service refers to creating dishes from fresh ingredients that are either organically grown...

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Bowl Vegetariana Veloce, un’idea facilissima sia per il pranzo che per la cena, possiamo prepararla anche in anticipo, conservarla in frigo e consumarla nella giornata. È un’ottima idea anche per il pranzo fuori, possiamo prepararla direttamente in un porta pranzo o lunch box e mettere il condimento a parte così da condirla poco prima di mangiarla. È veramente velocissima da preparare e ogni volta possiamo variare gli ingredienti con quello che abbiamo in frigo come ad esempio verdure di stagione o anche legumi. Al posto del riso possiamo anche utilizzare quinoa,...

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Gucci Aria: 9 ways Alessandro Michele celebrates Gucci’s centenary in the collection

Just days before Alessandro Michele unveiled Gucci’s latest collection, word of a collaboration with Balenciaga built up buzz for the show. Since the creative director took over the helm in 2015, he has led the house’s renaissance with such a myriad of diverse collaborations – spanning from artists and cartoon characters to storied brands such as Major League Baseball, Paramount, Sega and The North Face – that the question for every new collection is: Who’s next? Partnering a fashion house would be a bold, truly progressive step to move the needle when fashion is opening up to more meetings...

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H&M and Maisie Williams want you to recycle your virtual outfits

It’s time to learn how to be ethically responsible through your virtual games. As it has done in everyday life, recycling is now breaking new ground in the world of gaming. Clothing giant H&M in partnership with its new global brand ambassador Maisie Williams is offering gamers a chance to recycle their virtual outfits and create new ones using the “Looop”, the Swedish company’s recycling system, which until now was only available to the customers of its Stockholm store. There is no holding back progress. If it has not already occurred to you that it might be a good idea to recycle your...

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ROSÉ of BLACKPINK is Tiffany & Co.’s new global ambassador

That the world loves K-pop is hardly news. Korean pop is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Groups like BTS and BLACKPINK have topped international charts, sold out in stadiums around the world, nabbed prestigious music awards, and fronted global campaigns of fashion’s most influential names. ROSÉ behind the scenes of Tiffany HardWear 2021 digital campaign ROSÉ behind the scenes of Tiffany HardWear 2021 digital campaign Speaking of celebrity ambassadorship, the latest K-pop star to partner with an iconic brand is member of girl group BLACKPINK and...

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Why podcasts are the media of choice for luxury brands right now

Everyone from Dior and Gucci to Chanel, Cartier, and Balmain is doing it. An increasing number of luxury houses are launching their own podcast. A means of expression that has allowed them to maintain the link with their customers during the pandemic, and which is also more intimate, deeper, and sometimes enabling a new level of commitment, as Nathalie Lemonnier, president and founder of digital strategy and customer relations consulting firm Lemon Think, explains. We decipher a phenomenon that is still in its infancy. Image Credit: Dior via Facebook Luxury brands are all launching their own...

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Here’s why you need to start adding ginger to your cocktail hour

It’s time to add a little spice. Fresh, spicy and fiery, ginger makes a great pre-dinner drink. With summer just around the corner, ginger is proving to be a versatile cocktail-hour partner for alcohol-free juices, syrups and ginger beers. Time to give it a try. Ginger is everywhere, especially when it comes to pre-dinner drinks. With the NOLO (“no alcohol, low alcohol”) beverage boom, ginger is taking over the cocktail hour landscape. Whether as a syrup or in ginger beer or juices, this fiery root is the king of next-gen cocktails. Never dull, this spice alone can add a sometimes wicked kick...

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