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Un personaggio amato da molti e che ha vissuto più di tutti l’esperienza del Grande Fratello Vip in maniera intensa: si tratta di Dayane Mello che tornerà a partecipare a un altro reality. Stavolta però in Brasile: la modella non è nuova alla partecipazione ai reality show, da Ballando con le Stelle a Pechino Express fino alla dodicesima edizione dell’Isola dei Famosi, per concludere con il GF. Dopo le scomparse dolorose del fratello e della madre, Dayan…

Tokyo 2020, le gare della notte: emozione per la 4×100 con Jacobs e Tortu

Bottino per l’Italia anche oggi durante la tredicesima giornata di Tokyo 2020. Si parte subito bene nella notte con Manfredi Rizza, medaglia d’argento nella canoa sprint, nel K1 200 metri. Dalla 10 chilometri di nuoto di fondo arriva un bronzo che ha un sapore particolarmente dolce visto che a vi…

Ariana Grande lancia il nuovo profumo “God Is A Woman” – VIDEO

Dopo l’album “Positions” ecco tornare Ariana Grande con una notizia bomba. La cantante statunitense di origini italiane, ha appena lanciato il suo nuovo profu…

Concorsi OSS: APP Gratis Per Vincere Il Concorso Per Operatore Socio Sanitario è Un Successo!

Concorsi OSS: gli Operatori Socio Sanitari innamorati dell’APP gratuita che li aiuta a superare le prove e vincere il concorso. Concorsi OSS, grande successo per l’APP Quiz Concorsi OSS, scaricabile gratuitamente da Play Store. L’applicazione android permette di allenarsi alle prove concorsu…



Revamp Your Beauty Bag: Best Toiletry Bags For Women

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Perhaps the most underrated of all bags, a good toiletry bag can mean the difference between a leaky, clothes-ruining disaster, and poised orderly elegance. We all spend time and money carefully curating our collection of makeup and skincare. So, it only makes sense to encase it in the best toiletry bags, too. Whether you’re a […]

Pack Smart: 9 Best Travel Backpacks for Ultimate Wanderlust

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You might be a digital nomad, your office a coastal cabana in Colombia. Or, an avid thru-hiker whose eyes become starry at the thought of completing the Santiago de Compostela. Perhaps you dream of white sand beaches and plan to explore South East Asia on a shoestring budget. Either way, you won’t get very far […]

Travel in Style: 11 Best Luggage Brands and Their Finest Suitcases

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Watching your carefully packed suitcase be whisked away by seemingly unaccountable conveyor belts is a real cause for anxiety for many.  It’s never comfortable being parted with your possessions for a flight. Of course, you can opt for a carry-on travel backpack or suitcase only, but sometimes, you just need more space. While that’s ultimately […]

Israel and Cyprus strike a deal on travel for vaccinated passengers. Could this be the future?

Israel and Cyprus have agreed in principle a deal allowing coronavirus-vaccinated citizens of the two countries to travel between them without limitations, once flights resume, Israel’s president said. Israel reached a similar agreement with Greece last week, as the Mediterranean nations seek to revive tourism industries battered by the pandemic. “Let me say how pleased […]

Travel Mugs For Stylish, Secure Sipping On-The-Go

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We all love those moments when we can sit and enjoy our morning coffee in peace. However, we’re busy people. We live life on-the-go. Whether you’re travelling for work or play, your coffee’s going to need to come with you.  The best coffee mugs for travelling have all of the feel-good benefits of the mugs […]

The Best Sipping Tequila Brands in the World

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Tequila has been rapidly shaking off the preconceived notion that it is a drink to be shot at the end of a night of partying and finally starting to get the recognition it deserves. Many credit Patrón with kicking off the high-end-tequila movement when it was established in 1989, and indeed a swath of premium […]

The Women Making Waves in Luxury Design

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A focal point in the women’s rights movement and celebrated around the world, International Women’s Day takes place on March 8 every year. In honor of the occasion, Elite Traveler has gathered a list of inspirational and pioneering women in the field of luxury design. Challenging inequalities and inspiring others, these creatives range from top […]

Fly High With These Travel Tote Bags For Women

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The best travel tote bags aren’t just a practical way to carry travel essentials. They also make travelling easier, more comfortable, and turn it into an opportunity to show off your impeccable fashion sense.  The best travel tote bags rival the best travel backpacks as your on-the-road companions. They are spacious when packing, convenient to […]

Fabulously Fresh And Wrinkle-Free: 11 Best Garment Bags

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Curating an elegant wardrobe is one thing. But packing it up for travelling? A whole new level of hard. Unless you use a garment bag, that is.  The best garment bags make packing a doddle. Because who really finds fun in folding and attempting to fit a week’s worth of clothes into a suitcase—like some […]



19 Best Champagne Brands: Find The Best Champagne For Your Occasion

There’s nothing quite like popping a nice bottle of bubbly, from the popular Italian Prosecco to the French crème de la crème —Champagne.  Festive and fancy, Champagne has become the universal luxury beverage of choice for celebrations, special occasions, or just because. Champagne indeed makes for a perfect everyday sip thanks to its easy drinkability […]

Super Sippable Non-Alcoholic Spirits For Sober Happy Hours

Going sober used to mean a sad glass of lime and soda. But that’s all changed. A new class of non-alcoholic spirits have arrived on the scene and suddenly everyone wants to be designated driver.  Talk about a glass of the good stuff. These non-alcoholic spirits are grown-up, refined, sophisticated, and fun—all at the same […]

Journey Into The World of Sipping Rum: The Brands to Try in 2021

Once considered little more than a party drink, the spirits world is having its moment and is now home to the best rums, in all styles. Gone are the days of sickly sweet bottles of rum with an overpowering coconut essence; nowadays the focus is on new aromas, flavour profiles and a range of interesting […]

French chef Darroze credits femininity for her five Michelin stars

In a business still dominated by men, French chef Helene Darroze credits a feminine, “emotional” touch for her unprecedented leap from three to five Michelin stars this year. Darroze is already a household name in France thanks to her appearances on “Top Chef” — famous enough even to have a Barbie doll in her image. […]

The 15 Best Wines You Need In Your Wine Cellar

A good bottle of wine can easily transport you back to your favourite place. A warm summer’s evening in Italy? That classic Chianti will carry you back to Mediterranian coastlines and fresh, flavoursome dishes. Or how about a deep, dark Syrah with an aroma of cosy British evenings, wrapped up warm and digging into a […]

The Best Whisky Brands in The World: 15 Unmissable Drams

It’s never been a more exciting time to be a whisky drinker.  Alongside the best whisky brands that have been pleasing lovers of the spirit for years comes a new influx of distilleries making subtle differences to switch things up. These whisky brands are introducing unique flavour profiles, unusual ageing methods, and thinking up new […]

The Perfect Nightcap With These Brandies and Cognacs

Brandy is a spirit that demands attention: fragrant and elegant, smooth and rich, and dark and brooding all at the same time. Thought it was just a sweet drink suitable for drawing rooms and cigars? Think again. The craft cocktail industry has elevated the best brandy and cognac to the forefront of many mixologists’ minds […]

Young Singapore chefs serve up hope for street food’s future

After the pandemic torpedoed his chance to work at a Michelin-starred New York restaurant, Lim Wei Keat returned to his roots by becoming a Singapore chef cooking local street-food. The 25-year-old is among a growing number of young Singapore chefs fuelling hopes that a new generation will preserve the city-state’s culinary traditions. Singapore is full […]

Crystal Filtration And Fog Water: The Best Vodkas of 2021

The options are endless when you’ve got the best vodka on your bar cart. On the market are plenty of expensive vodka brands, including French vodka, Polish vodka, Russian vodka and American vodka. As one of the world’s most versatile spirits, a good, cheap vodka is a staple bottle while a top shelf vodka can […]

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