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With temperatures falling, updating your wardrobe for the new season ahead has likely already crossed your mind, but often, finding some cosy outerwear that promises to keep you warm without compromising on style can prove challenging. Big, bulky and shapeless coats and jackets are a sure-fire way to ruin any well put-together look, and finding just one piece that will see you through all eventualities is all but impossible. But, by adding plenty of variety to your wardrobe and shopping for some key shapes and styles, it’s easier than you think to ensure you have all bases covered.

According to the experts at luxury online jacket retailer, Angel Jackets, classic and timeless jacket styles like the leather biker or the cosy puffer are essentials that will never go out of fashion. The store, which sells a wide variety of coats and jackets for men and women, was born of a passion for quality attire, with its founders growing up watching their grandparents wearing the most exquisite leather goods and dreaming of one day having their own – and is fast becoming one of the most popular places to shop for quality outerwear online.

“We thought that a leather jacket made from well-treated lambskin would be our declaration of fearlessness,” says Angel Jackets.

Now recognised as one of the best places to source the finest leather products from across the globe, the brand believes that everyone should have access to as many magnificent leather jackets as they can dream of – but over time, its catalogue of apparel has grown and now extends as far as all kinds of high-quality jackets that are designed to suit all seasons, as well as leather gloves, handbags and even suits and tuxedos.

So, if you’re preparing to shop for some gorgeous new jackets and coats for the new season, then look no further, because these are Angel Jackets’ top essential picks you need to add to your wardrobe now.

The classic leather jacket

classic leather jacket
The classic leather jacket will quite simply never go out of style, and each year, we see it return to the catwalks once again. Image credit: Angel Jackets

The classic leather jacket will quite simply never go out of style, and each year, we see it return to the catwalks once again. While there are often new takes and modern twists on offer to keep things exciting, the biker and bomber styles are your best bets if you’re looking for something you’ll be able to wear for years to come.

If you’ve already got one, then leather blazers and coats are big news in women’s fashion this season. Angel Jackets’ Sherpa hooded button-down coat in tan, or the Winchester distressed leather car coat in dark brown are wardrobe additions that will go with just about everything and will help to create a flattering silhouette, too.

The puffer jacket

puffer jacket
The puffer jacket has come into its own over recent years. Image credit: Angel Jackets

The puffer jacket has come into its own over recent years, and while they were once seen as an embarrassing memory from the 90s we’d all rather forget, their ability to keep us warm and cosy is something that designers simply haven’t been able to ignore. Since then, they’ve been reimagined, and there are now a host of different lengths, styles and shapes to choose from.

Angel Jackets’ stylish men’s Bryce puffer jacket, which features a sophisticated shearling-lined collar, is all the sartorial male will need to stay warm this season, and comes in navy blue or brown, while the women’s pink Kelly puffer is a feminine choice for those who love to inject a little colour into their wardrobes during the grey, dark days of winter. For head-to-toe warmth, the Lonnie black hooded puffer coat is the perfect choice.

The wool coat

wool coat
Wool coats are another timeless choice. Image credit: Angel Jackets

Wool coats are another timeless choice, and this season’s biggest trend for men is the military trench. This edgy twist on a classic piece offers a sharp silhouette and exudes sartorial prowess – Angle Jackets’ offering, in navy, is a winning choice.

A simpler wool trench or a classic peacoat are also great choices that will never fall out of favour, for both men and women. Opt for a simple colour like black, brown or navy to ensure yours is as versatile as possible and can be worn over most outfits you have in your wardrobe.

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