3 ways to transform your home into the perfect private retreat

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You don’t always need to travel far away to enjoy a little bit of luxury. Your home most likely hides many great ways to make it feel like its own little peaceful escape from your everyday life. You just need to imagine it. In this article, you can pick up a couple of useful tips to make every part of your home feel like you’re at your favourite resort.

Furnish your house to represent your favourite holiday destination

Do you have that one particular holiday destination that you just can’t seem to get out of your mind? Well, why not bring those holiday memories back home with you and make your home decor inspired by your most beloved vacation spot? There are many different ways to replicate the vibe and create your own unique home retreat.

You’ll find inspiration from all over the world. For example, you can transform your home into a southern European-style villa with relaxing earth tones – especially beige and brown – warm woods and linen curtains. Feel free to go for more lavish sofas and beds to create the perfect space for you to relax. You can also switch out the wood for bamboo to create a more eastern-inspired theme. Use holiday memorabilia and various smaller decorations inspired by the vacation destination to nail the theme you’re going for.

Treat yourself to a few extra luxuries

Many see holidays as a great opportunity to treat yourself a little extra. But who says you must limit yourself? If you have enough space for it, you could, for example, install a small bar area with shelves, bar stools and a bar counter to create the feeling of your favourite cocktail bar at the place you visited. If you’re into wine, you might also want to have a wine cooler installed, so you’ll always have a couple of your most adored wines ready for when you’re having guests over.

The bathroom also presents an opportunity to add a little bit of luxury. Installing a bathtub is a sure way to create an extra sense of well-being. You can also take it a step further and decorate your bathroom to look like one from a resort. By incorporating a skylight above the showering area, you create the feeling of an outdoor bathroom like you’ll see at more exotic holiday locations. With a couple of plants and some scented candles, your bathroom will become a luxurious little retreat.

Transform your garden into a true oasis

Your garden is another area that presents almost limitless possibilities to turn your home into a peaceful oasis and let you further embrace outdoor living. It can be as simple as setting up a hammock in the garden for you to kick back and relax in.

You can also transform your patio into the perfect spot to host parties or have friends and family over. A nice big lounging area combined with an outdoor firepit or fire table creates an inviting and relaxing space ideal for socialising.

To drive home the feeling of an oasis, remember to create green surroundings around you and perhaps have a couple of exotic plants, like small olive trees, placed around the patio or plants such as marram grass to help form a beach-like feel. A small palm tree could also be an option.

No oasis is ever entirely complete without some water. The mere sound of it is soothing. Even a small fountain or other types of water installations can have a big impact. Furthermore, you can integrate an outdoor spa bath into the patio or create a separate installation for it to establish a real sense of wellness.

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