The Bentley Residences represents a groundbreaking collaboration between Bentley Motors and Dezer Development, creating the world’s first luxury residential property with the Bentley brand. This exceptional development comprises 216 beautifully designed residential units, offering a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living in a private beachfront location. Each unit features a unique balcony swimming pool, breathtaking ocean views, and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the entire building.

Owning a residence at the luxurious Bentley Residences Miami comes with a host of benefits. It offers a unique experience akin to belonging to an exclusive members-only club. The project aims to provide owners with a sense of privacy while fostering a tight-knit community.

For those who value seclusion, residents have the option to be discreetly transported to their flats using the innovative vehicle lift called the “Dezervator.” This feature allows residents to avoid encounters with others if they prefer.

The most affordable unit at Bentley Residences Miami costs $5.5 million.

Bentley Residences Miami attracts industry titans, renowned personalities, and athletes who desire both privacy and the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. To cater to their needs, the building offers distinctive common amenities, including:

Private Club for Bentley Owners: A dedicated club, featuring a bar, terrace, and beach area, exclusively accessible to Bentley owners during the construction of the residences.

Resident-Only Restaurant: An exclusive restaurant managed by renowned celebrity chef Todd, providing a unique dining experience for residents.

Macallan Whisky Bar: A sophisticated bar offering a selection of premium Macallan whiskies.

Private Theatre: A state-of-the-art theater reserved for the enjoyment of residents.

Lush Spa: A luxurious spa facility offering a range of indulgent treatments and relaxation options.

Wellness Centre: A dedicated center focusing on wellness and holistic living.

World-Class Beach Club: During the construction period, Bentley owners have access to a beach club featuring a bar, patio, and beach area.

These exceptional amenities ensure that residents can enjoy a premium lifestyle and engage with fellow Bentley owners in a private and exclusive environment.

Bentley Residences Miami goes above and beyond by organizing a variety of engaging events for its owners, such as lectures, discussions, and gatherings. These events aim to foster a sense of community and provide exclusive opportunities for residents to connect and interact with each other. Notably, several renowned companies have already been lined up to contribute to the programming, including Rolex, Chloe, Balmain, and Loro Piana. This collaboration with esteemed brands further enhances the overall experience for Bentley Residences Miami owners, offering unique and enriching events in an exclusive setting.

Dezer Development, established by real estate visionary Michael Dezer in 1970, has successfully expanded its unique and strategic real estate holdings across New York, Florida, and Las Vegas over the past 45 years. Under the leadership of Gil Dezer, the company’s President, Dezer Development now possesses one of the largest portfolios of beachfront properties in Florida, spanning over 27 acres of ocean-front land.

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