Azimut-Benetti Group has established a special school called Corporate Academy to provide training for professionals in the yacht industry. This academy helps the employees of Azimut-Benetti Group improve their skills and offers training for various roles that are in high demand, aiming to create new job opportunities.
The school has four main parts that are designed for both current and future employees. The Shipyard Academy and Executive Academy offer training to help employees learn new skills and improve existing ones. The Development & Career Path provides different paths for employees to grow and advance within the company. Lastly, the Education and Guidance Projects focus on students and aim to support their learning and development.
The Academy helps people learn technical skills and management abilities. They also have projects with vocational training agencies, high schools, and universities to provide education and guidance.
According to Marco Valle, who is the CEO of Azimut-Benetti Group, the company is part of a growing industry where Italy is a global leader. They are always looking for specialized professionals to hire. The group employs some of the best experts in the world, and its network of partners and suppliers is exceptional. Valle considers it both a responsibility and a privilege to share its expertise and create new opportunities for people within and outside the company.
The Shipyard Academy is primarily focused on the shipyard area and has been created in partnership with Fondazione Casa di Carità Arti e Mestieri, a training organization based in Turin. It is a part of the Innovative and Sustainable Integrated Mobility Academy, which is promoted by Regione Piemonte and was launched on June 5th.
The courses provided by the Shipyard Academy will offer over 18,000 hours of training. The main goal is to continuously improve and enhance the skills necessary for highly specialized professionals in various areas such as bodywork production, carpentry, outfitting, and mechanical and hydraulic assembly, which are required by the company.
Santi Carlino, the Chief People & ICT Officer of Azimut-Benetti Group, stated that the Shipyard Academy emphasizes the importance of craftsmanship and the professionalism of the workforce. The academy focuses on the concept of “homo faber” (Latin for ‘man the maker’), highlighting the ability to create and build, which has always been a distinctive feature of the company.

Additionally, the Executive Academy will offer courses starting this summer. Its aim is to promote and develop the company’s business culture by emphasizing the values of talent and professionalism. Managers within the Azimut-Benetti Group will participate in leadership development programs, receiving a total of over 28,000 hours of training. These programs will strengthen their skills in areas such as communication, listening, people management, decision-making, and customer experience in the luxury industry.
Carlino further explained that the Executive Academy offers specific training activities to managers based on the analysis of their needs. These activities are essential for achieving strategic change management and organizational development objectives. The program aims to enhance the skills required to excel in the business domain.
According to “La Nautica in Cifre” (Yachting Facts and Figures), a study published by Confindustria Nautica, the Italian yacht industry trade body, in September 2022, the yacht sector made a significant contribution to the Italian GDP in 2021. It amounted to over €5 billion, marking a growth of 31.4% compared to 2020. The total number of employees in the sector increased by 9.7%, with a notable rise of 14.7% in new builds.

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