It might be hard to imagine your dreams becoming reality but when you can have access to a private island with world class renowned chefs, personal tennis courts, exclusive top tier bars with professional bartenders, a 250 foot water slide that run through your resort and these are all surrounded  by turquoise waters with white sand, you might just rethink if this is reality. In this countdown, we are going to be giving honorable mentions to private resorts all over the world that are reshaping the way we experience travel and vacation. 

4. Jumby Bay Island Residences

Jumby Bay Island Resort

Starting at number 4 just two miles away from the beautiful coast of Antigua is Jumby Bay Island Residences. What started as a rugged island, filled with raw beauty and endless potential, was shaped into the astounding 300 acre jungle retreat portfolio that now consists of an elite selection of stays that span the entire island. Created by James Mackenzie with a mission to provide guests with a home away from home, you can enjoy all of the freshest seafood, local produce and breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea while being just steps away from the white sanded beaches. With resort facilities, bars, restaurants, water sports, spas and so much more it’s no wonder why Jumby Bay Island Residences as been included in this list. To get more information, visit JumbyBay-Residences.com

3. Calivigny Island Resort

Calivigny Island Resort

At number 3, Calivigny Island Resort is a beachfront villa in the beautiful land of Grenada. Spanning over 8,000 sq m, this private beach home has 10 luxury suites that can accommodate up to 20 adults. Fully furnished and tastefully decorated in a French Colonial and Balinese style, some call this stay a architectural masterpiece. Each suite is uniquely decorated and has it’s own private entrance, suite bathroom, king size bed and many more luxurious amenities. From the moment you arrive in the magical island of Calivigny, you will feel a sudden rush of enjoyment and urge to explore. Ensuring total privacy, the stay is exclusively rentable meaning you will have the villa all to yourself. To find out more go to Calivigny-Island.com

2. Necker Island

Necker Island
Necker Island Oceanfront Villa

Sitting firmly at number 2, Richard Branson’s Necker Island has attracted a lot of popular attention because of its unprofound design and obvious fully exclusive island private capabilities. Located in the beautiful British Virgin Islands, Necker Island consists of 74 acres of beautifully raw habitat that was curated to be a dream resort that sits in the middle of turquoise waters. Surrounded by white sand, vast ocean and coral reefs, Necker Island has been called one of the most exclusive private islands in the Caribbean and might even be one in the top of the world. Offering incredible dining capabilities and land and sea activities, there is no shortage of enjoyment to find when you have an island to yourself. To learn more about Necker Island go to https://www.virginlimitededition.com/en/necker-island

1. Private Paradise Villa

Private Paradise Villa - Cozumel, Mexico
Private Paradise Villa - Cozumel, Mexico

Last but certainly not least, at number 1 is Private Paradise Villa in the beautiful lush island of Cozumel, Mexico. Structured over 20,000 square feet of the sacred land of Cozumel, Private Paradise Villa is an all inclusive, full private entertainment center that might just be closer to a theme park than to a resort. Staffed with private maids, butlers, professional bartenders and the finest personal chiefs, this stay has looked to do the imaginable when it comes to travel. Able to comfortably cater and host up to 20 people, the beautiful suites have been decked out with the newest hi tech equipment. Award winning designer John Cacciutti has put the 10 year creative project right at the top with some of the most historic resorts. With total privacy and exclusivity, you are able to rent the entire gated complex to yourself and enjoy the theme park-like design that is Private Paradise Villa. With a movie theater, game room, pool table, hibachi griddle, private hot tub, ocean front views and even a 250 foot water slide that runs through some of the rooms in the complex, you might actually believe in your dreams coming true when you experience this stay. Not to mention the all you can eat and drink worl;d renowned foods prepared by world class chefs and bartenders make you just wonder what other resorts just aren’t thinking of doing for guests. For more information on how Private Paradise is changing the future of resorts and how you can experience this stay go to PrivateParadiseVilla.com

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