The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is experiencing boating’s future, thanks to several exhibitors exhibiting the most recent and future innovations. This striking 213-foot support yacht idea seems to be a daily existence estimated by origami—and that is the point. “Many individuals don’t think about how much innovation there is in the marine industry,” says Dave Foulkes, CEO of Brunswick Corp. Volvo Penta, Brunswick Corp., Navier, and Candela are showing leading-edge designs in Las Vegas, with the nearest boating destination, Lake Mead, hours away, to show the tech world that boating isn’t simply an inefficient side interest.

The world’s biggest boat and motor builder, Brunswick’s Mercury Marine division showed its new Avator 48V electric outboard, another electric boat line called Veer, and its Comprehend e-Power system. VW said the production ID The coolest item is a completely intelligent presentation that permits visitors to pilot a boat basically through a boating twilight, with controls and a huge 140-degree-wide screen adding to the authenticity. Fortunately, the inside is completely uncovered, revealing the last production specification plan.

Volvo Penta, a major competitor with Mercury Marine, has been another organisation investing vigorously in new innovation. In 2022, it basically went to CES, presenting its new “assisted docking” platform. “This year, we’re conveying visitors to the Icy, where they will get a short glimpse at what it seems like to experience calm boating in the Svalbard archipelago—because of our high-level crossover electric system,” says Johan Inden, president of Volvo Penta Marine.

The company last summer delivered a completely electric 50-foot cruiser to Svalbard. The display will recreate the experience of cruising the polar regions on a near-silent electric boat.

Volvo’s forward-looking display on boating represents the future, which incorporates artificial islands, independent boats, and even boat-to-boat electric charging, which ought to likewise give it road cred in the tech world when it comes to combining sustainability with a simpler life on the water. 

It is important for these companies to create a technical image to differentiate themselves from the “old” boating world. Brunswick Corp. reported at CES that it would be changing its logo and slogan. The old slogan, “Innovation and Inspiration on the Water,” has been replaced by the significantly more conventional yet forward-looking “Next Never Rests.”

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