Extra Yachts, which is part of the ISA Yachts brand, has recently announced the Villa X30 project as its first design in a new line of power catamarans. The Villa marks an evolution into the catamaran market with its dynamic synergy between automotive and architectural features with interior and exterior design from the Dutch firm Phathom.

Extra Yachts 100 Foot Catamaran - Villa X30
Extra Yachts 100 Foot Catamaran - Villa X30

The 100 foot Villa houses a hybrid propulsion system which significantly reduces Co2 emission with quieter electric motoring. It also has glass-impregnated solar cells that supplement additional energy for on-board utilities. In addition, for the production of this yacht Extra Yachts will only consider sustainable and natural materials such as re-purposed fibers, sustainably assessed paints and plasters, alternative leathers and reclaimed woods to make it even more eco-friendly.

The Villa X30’s cockpit can be configured however owners would like and is protected by a glass balustrade to not impede the views. The stateroom layout includes a master forward between the two hulls and VIPs aft that have direct access to the transom for early-morning swims.

The master stateroom terrace is perhaps the most compelling component of the yacht. The terrace can be lowered in calm waters for stunning broad views over the sea.

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