Azimut Yachts, one of the leading yacht builders in the world, has recently launched a new yacht series called the Seadeck Series. This new series has been designed with a focus on performance, comfort, and style, and it promises to provide an unparalleled experience to yacht enthusiasts.

A new line of hybrid motor yachts has been launched by Azimut Yachts, the renowned Italian yacht manufacturer. The Seadeck Series comprises three models, namely Seadeck 6, Seadeck 7, and Seadeck 8, and represents Azimut’s initial foray into the hybrid motor yacht market. This series boasts of the company’s most advanced technology to date, resulting in a highly efficient yacht that reduces emissions by up to 40%. Seadeck is in fact the first series of models from 60’ up that already integrates Volvo hybrid propulsion, onboard systems designed to reduce energy consumption and solutions to cut emissions.

Another standout feature of the Seadeck series contributing to the reduction in emissions is the use of carbon fiber in the construction of the yacht. This material is known for its lightweight and durable properties, making it an ideal choice for yacht construction. The use of carbon fiber has allowed Azimut to create a yacht that is both lightweight and strong, providing excellent performance on the water. 

The newly introduced Fun Island concept transforms the Seadeck Series into a floating oasis that allows owners to escape their daily routines and indulge in a tranquil environment. An innovative aft terrace has been reimagined to create a space that celebrates the sea and nature. With an open concept and reduction of barriers to the sea, it is designed to be a place of entertainment and joy, both physically and symbolically.

Seadeck Series

At Boot Dusseldorf, scheduled from January 20-28, 2024, the world will witness the debut of Seadeck 6. In the near future, Seadeck 7 and Seadeck 8 will also hit the market, with a release date planned “between 2024 and 2025.” Giovanna Vitelli, the Chair of Azimut-Benetti Group, stressed the importance of Seadeck as a driving force for upcoming generations. She expressed her wish to chart a path that inspires the whole industry to prioritize environmental sustainability, as demonstrated by Seadeck.

In recent launches, Azimut has introduced technological innovations to reduce environmental impact alongside design solutions that bring down barriers between interior and exterior. This re-establishes closer contact with the sea and nature. Over half of Azimut’s fleet is now made up of Low Emission Range (LER) models.

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