Bilgin Yachts is eagerly preparing to showcase its exceptional 50-meter Bilgin 163 yacht, “Eternal Spark,” at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023. This yacht represents a new standard in yacht charter lifestyle, with a focus on creating unforgettable experiences that cater to the most discerning tastes and desires. Matija Longin from SuperYachts Croatia and Berkay Yilmaz, Commercial Director of Bilgin Yachts, facilitated the successful sale of this extraordinary yacht in 2022. The debut of the “Eternal Spark” at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023 exemplifies the pinnacle of luxury and innovation in the superyacht world. Furthermore, this remarkable yacht’s outstanding features are sure to captivate and delight all who see her.

Crafted based on continuous dialogue with yachting industry leaders, professionals, returning clients, and travel enthusiasts, Eternal Spark sets the standard for onboard memorable experiences. This ambitious project represents the perfect blend of performance, style, and innovation, determined to become a benchmark in the superyacht industry. Moreover, the yacht’s exceptional features were carefully designed to satisfy the discerning tastes and desires of its guests. By following the “guidebook of onboard memorable experiences,” the designers ensured that every aspect of the yacht contributes to unforgettable moments. Therefore, guests can expect a perfect harmony of luxury and practicality throughout their voyage onboard the Eternal Spark.

A Masterpiece of Modern Maritime Engineering

Unique Yacht Design’s expertise in exterior design and naval architecture and Hot Lab’s interior design has created a modern, luxurious, and elegant masterpiece of maritime engineering in the form of the Bilgin 163 superyacht, Eternal Spark. This superyacht stands out from its contemporaries with timeless features, spacious living areas, and the largest exterior spaces. İsmail Şengün, Bilgin Yachts’ CEO, expresses his excitement for the new series and foresees a further enhancement in the distinctive signature of Bilgin Yachts. The 163 series represents one of the most ambitious projects of Bilgin Yachts, showcasing their ability to offer their clients the very best.

A New Standard in Superyacht Accommodation and Amenities

Emrecan Özgün from Unique Yacht Design has once again propelled a Bilgin model forward with his meticulous work on the 50-meter Bilgin 163 superyacht, Eternal Spark. Özgün’s well-defined interior lines complement the yacht’s effective exterior living areas, lending a sportive appearance to the Bilgin 163 model that surpasses its predecessors. The yacht boasts elegant exterior lines with proven engineering, powered by twin 1,450 CAT engines, which give Eternal Spark a top speed of approximately 16.5 knots while maintaining low operational costs.

Eternal Spark prioritizes guest accommodation, with six cabins for twelve guests, ample space for relaxation, and four decks with five bars and seven socializing areas. It can host over a hundred people for stationary parties, and its amenities cater to every wish, including storage space for water toys, gym equipment, and an indoor and outdoor cinema. It also boasts a custom-built chase boat and a sunken-level beach club with a sauna, ice fountain, day head, lounging and TV area, and wet bar.

Eternal Spark aims to set a new standard in the superyacht industry. Bilgin Yachts’ Commercial Director, Berkay Yılmaz, describes the yacht’s modern, luxurious, and elegant interior with spacious living areas and large windows. The low bulwark lines improve visibility, while natural light contributes to warmth and well-being. The lobby has a full-height round glass wall, and the yacht boasts a floating staircase, sundeck skylight, and a stunning lobby chandelier.

The Perfect Combination of Craftsmanship and Luxury

Enrico Lumini, Partner and Head of Design at Hot Lab explain that Bilgin 163 embodies the studio’s new philosophy of “Architecture for Voyagers,” which prioritizes the cleanliness of architectural volumes and softness of lines. The designers aimed to showcase pure craftsmanship and attention to detail, without compromising on precious materials. Lumini notes that the yacht exudes a modern, rich, yet warm ambiance, achieved through the use of natural materials like wood and leather in small quantities. He describes Bilgin 163 as a perfect combination of shapes, soft colors, and intricate details, with natural colors and materials highlighting the yacht’s connection to the sea. Throughout the guest cabins, every color and material transition is carefully curated to create a refined look and a sense of balance.

Bilgin Yachts welcomes press members and those interested to see the exquisite elegance and sophistication of Eternal Spark either at the shipyard or the Monaco Yacht Show 2023.We are excited to bring you more updates on the Bilgin Yachts family and the progress of Eternal Spark. For further details on the yacht’s design and features, please visit the website

Technical Specification

These technical specifications provide a comprehensive overview of the Bilgin 163 superyacht, Eternal Spark. The hull configuration is displacement, and it is made of steel, while the S/Structure material is aluminum. The yacht has an overall length of 49.95 meters and a beam of 9.25 meters, with a draught of 2.60 meters at full load. At full load, the displacement is 495t, and the gross tonnage is 499gt. 

The fuel capacity is 55,000 liters, and the water capacity is 11,000 liters. The main engines are CAT C32, with a power of 2×1,081 kW @ 2,150 RPM. The maximum speed is 16.5 knots, and the cruising speed is 12 knots, with a range of approximately 5,000 miles at cruising speed at half load. The exterior design and naval architecture were done by Unique Yacht Design, while Hot Lab handled the interior design. Finally, the builder of this magnificent superyacht is Bilgin Yachts

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