5 amazing rums to try this spring

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With many touting 2020 as the breakout year for rum, as the category welcomes more and more premium and craft offerings from around the world, we want to help you pick out which rums to try this spring. The rum shelf can be a daunting prospect, with white rums, dark rums, spiced rums, and the bad memories of the cheap rums you drank in the 00’s. But don’t worry, that isn’t the case now. There are plenty of amazing distillers around the world producing high quality and exciting new rums to tantalise your taste buds.

Rum has an extensive history, more than just it’s cliched image as pirate’s grog, although it’s origins are not exactly known. Venetian explorer Marco Polo mentioned finding a “good wine from sugar” whilst on his travels through Asia in the 13th century (‘The Travels of Marco Polo’ c.1300), and since then the spirit has grown in popularity across the world and especially in the Caribbean. Now, across the world, rum is either produced from fresh sugar cane juice or molasses and can come in many varieties, from barrel aged to vapour infused.

Here are top five rums to try this spring.

Aluna Coconut Rum

The team at Aluna are forging a path for the craft rum movement, having launched in 2017 with their low sugar, high end coconut rum at a reasonable price, they have been changing perceptions and winning big fans. They use rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean, mixed with organic coconut water to create a spirit with tasting notes of toasted coconut and cracked cocoa. At just under £25 a bottle, it’s a real winner!

Price: £24.95

Bottle size: 70cl

ABV: 35%

Buy a bottle: alunacoconut.com

Salford Spiced Rum

Distilled close to the Salford docks that saw rum imports pass through it’s shipyards in the 1800s, this beautifully bottled rum is spiced with vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and dried caribbean fruits. Hand crafted in small batches using their copper column still, the last finishing touch is the ceramic bottle, with it’s design illustrated by local artist, Dave Draws. The team behind this rum recommend you serve it up with Double Dutch Cranberry and Ginger Tonic, now that sounds like an amazing drink to bring in the sunshine!

Price: £39.95

Bottle size: 70cl

ABV: 40%

Buy a bottle: amazon.co.uk

Silk Road White Spiced Rum

Inspired by the intrepid adventures of the founder on his tandem (thetandemmen.com), this rum bridges the gap between white and gold spiced rum by using vapour infusion to permeate their rum with a selection of botanicals chosen from the bazaars of the Silk Road. Creating a rum that is perfect for those with gin fatigue, their rum has been designed to pair with a great tonic for a refreshing drink at the end of a long adventure. They’re so confident you will love it, they’re offering free samples from their website (just chip in for the postage and packaging!)

Price: £27.99

Bottle size: 50cl

ABV: 42%

Buy a bottle: silkroaddistillers.com

Charles Merser and Co. Double Barrel Rum

Faithfully picking up from where the former rum blenders of London left off, Charles Merser and Co. have opened the first blending house in London for over a century. At their base in London they bring together five barrel aged rums, from around Central America and the Caribbean, blending and marrying them in a cask for six months. The result, a mouth-coating, warming and generous rum with soft notes of vanilla. A perfect way to show off and elevate your rum and coke order when you’re next at the bar!

Price: £38

Bottle size: 70cl

ABV: 43%

Buy a bottle: charlesmerser.com

East London Liquor Company Demerara Rum

Distilled in the last wooden column still in the World and then aged in an ex-bourbon cask for at least three years, this rum has a lot to shout about. Produced by the ever popular East London Liquor Company, who really know how to make a great spirit, this rum has a complex taste of coffee, toffee and raisins. If you’re into making cocktails, this rum is great in a Daiquiri!

Price: £27.19

Bottle size: 70cl

ABV: 40%

Buy a bottle: amazon.co.uk

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