5 of the finest restorative retreats across the U.S

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We have all experienced those times in our lives where stressful situations can take their toll. Whether this is from an outside source or we are dealing with an internal struggle, sometimes circumstances can get the better of us, resulting in poor mental or physical health.

Events in the outside world can seem overwhelming, as can daily life at times, and when this becomes all too consuming, this can leave you desperately searching for some time to recover, rebuild and revitalise.

Luckily, in today’s world, there is a definite sense of understanding with plenty of people and organisations out there ready to help. Whatever your situation, there will be a solution and however you want to improve yourself, there will be a way.

More commonly, people look for a dedicated space that they can check into, and check out of daily life for a while, in order to improve themselves and take useful lessons home with them to integrate in their routine lives.

Whether you are looking to get healthy mentally, physically or you have an addiction that is need of treatment, getting away from it all and focusing solely on yourself and your wellbeing is paramount.

In light of this, we’ve shortlisted some of the top places you can head to in the US, for this vast and varied country offers a range of escapes for those in need of some ‘me’ time, in a luxury setting, of course.

Tikvah Lake Recovery, Florida


Set on a 200-acre lake, Tikvah Lake Recovery facility is a 15,000 square foot mansion with a pool spa, dock and boat, ideal for those in need of luxury rehab in Florida. Also boasting a library, lounge areas, spacious en suite bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen, recreational room and private therapy spaces, the facility has a great location next to a state park with miles of hiking trails too.

Those in need of treatment will enjoy the very personalised approach in the utmost of private and luxurious surroundings.

The Ranch Malibu, California

the ranch malibu

Reconnecting with nature is a great tool for aiding in a lifestyle change and The Ranch in Malibu offers just this in a secluded setting. Tailor your stay to your preferences with a range of immersive health, weight loss and fitness programmes that combine plant-based meals, guided exercise and daily hikes. Enjoy on your own, as a couple or a group and decide what it is you need to focus on, how long you feel you need and let the retreat do the rest.

Lumeria Maui, Hawaii

maui yoga

Swimming with dolphins, guided meditation, outstanding scenery, transformative holistic treatments all in a paradise setting? This is certainly possible with a trip to the educational retreat centre that is Lumeria Maui.

Set in a 1910 refurnished estate compound, guests here can take classes in horticulture, dance and movement, healing arts and metaphysical studies, while enjoying nourishing and tasty farm to table meals at the restaurant, while the wellness spa provides classes and treatments in a sumptuous setting.

Golden door, California

golden door

For the crème de la crème in spa facilities in the US, Golden Door in California is the golden ticket.

This highly rated destination spa was named the number one spa in the world by Conde Nast Traveller in 2019 and this probably has something to do with the 2,000 square foot gym, Watsu water therapy pool, two swimming pools, tennis court, private hilltop retreat for fitness sessions and array of studios and workout rooms. Add to this restorative spa treatments and nourishing food and a week here will be sure to set anyone back on a more mindful path.

Cal-a-Vie, California

cal a vie

California come up trumps again with this heavenly health spa set in the hills of northern San Diego County. Choose from a three, four or seven-night stay in a room, suite or spa villa and take part in nutrition lectures, cookery demos, unlimited fitness classes with fitness evaluation, spa services, yoga, hikes, cryotherapy, acupuncture, chakra balancing and more. With an array of packages, you will certainly be able to pick a plan that works for you both to restore now and to take useful information away for when you get home.

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