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The kitchen is the centrepiece of the home, and as such, one of the places we spend the most time eating, entertaining and of course, cooking. With this in mind, it stands to reason that it should feel like a warm and inviting space that makes everyone who walks through the door feel instantly welcome, as well as ticking all of the right boxes when it comes to style, sophistication and all-out luxury.

If your current kitchen is falling short on several of these points, then it might be time for a revamp, and giving it a makeover can bring with it a raft of benefits including functional storage, as well as cutting cleaning time in half, and bringing comfort and beauty into your home.

While there’s no denying that functionality is key when it comes to designing any new kitchen space, getting the aesthetics right is key if you’re eager to create a lavish feel. Combining the two is the tricky bit, but it is possible, and when searching for inspiration online, you’ll likely notice that there are a few things all luxury kitchens have in common.

A kitchen island

kitchen island

The most stylish kitchens are spacious enough to incorporate a layout that offers excellent functionality as well as being set up perfectly for family and social situations, and a kitchen island will create a central focal point that provides visual symmetry and makes moving between work surfaces while cooking quick and easy.

Not only that, but it provides a meeting point for family and friends to linger over breakfast or a cup of tea and a chat, and will show off the vastness of your space in all its glory whilst also providing you with some extra storage space. So, whether you own a monumental estate or a high rise in the city, if you choose to incorporate a kitchen island then you’ll likely never look back.

A sparkling kitchen sink

Modern kitchen interior.

Every kitchen needs a sink for functional and practical purposes, and when it comes to creating a sense of luxury, the bigger, the better. When remodelling your kitchen, think about how frequently you use your existing sink and what type of material would look best with the overall kitchen design you have in mind.

Stainless steel, porcelain and cast iron are all popular picks and offer a range of pros and cons, but the most important thing is to keep yours clean, polished and free of dirty dishes. Nothing has the power to detract from the opulent feel of a kitchen quite like the leftover plates from last night’s dinner, and food debris in the plughole is an absolute no-no.

Superior materials and create high-quality finishes

Green kitchen interior with furniture

When looking for the perfect kitchen units for sale, it’s important to consider not just what they look like, but the quality of the materials and finishes they incorporate, too. Creating a luxurious feel doesn’t just rely on visual feel, and choices like smooth marble surfaces feel great to the touch, further adding to the experience. Then, there’s performance to consider, with strength, durability and ease of cleaning all key points to assess before you whip out the credit card.

It might be tempting to splurge on a breath-takingly beautiful kitchen, but if you can’t use it as you need to, then you may regret it later. So, choose features that will support your lifestyle, then look at the finer details – combining the two, you can’t go wrong.

High-end kitchen appliances

The design of your kitchen will, of course, lay the foundation for the kind of opulence you’re looking to achieve, but the addition of some standout luxury appliances will up the ante to all new heights. A huge American-style fridge, complete with ice dispenser and wine cooler, or the latest vintage-inspired food processor to take pride of place on your worktop will add an instant dose of sophistication and decadence, and smart home features that control the lighting and heating at the touch of a smartphone button will make you feel like royalty in your own home.

Statement lighting

kitchen lighting

The cooking and preparation areas of your kitchen should be well illuminated to ensure optimum safety, and pendant lights, chandeliers, or recessed lights suspended over the kitchen island are all great ideas for putting the right areas under the spotlight. The centrepiece will provide light for the entire space and can make for an ambient feel during the evenings that is perfect for romantic dinners.

Don’t forget to add lighting under your cupboards, too – LED strip lights can be installed, providing some gentle up-lighting without the need to put any brash overhead bulbs on when you want to keep to a soft glow. Ultimately, this will also save you money on your energy bills, too – but no matter what fixtures and fittings you decide upon, be sure to have an electrician install them professionally.

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