5 ways to create an inspiring space for children at home

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As adults, inspiration is something that we look for in all aspects of life, often falling on this in only the most unexpected of places. Yet for children, it’s important that we take the lead in providing resources that will ignite their imaginations, help them to learn and support themselves in order to develop as they grow into an individual.

Early in life, inspiration can come in many forms, such as reading and play, but it’s important that the spaces that children are regularly surrounded by are rousing too. One way to successfully optimise this is by creating an inspiring bedroom space at home. Children spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, so it’s important that the room reflects an area to promote creativity, while providing a comforting area too.

If you and your child are looking to inject some creative personality into their bedroom, we’ve come up with five ways to design a children’s room full of inspirational features.

The colour scheme

Colour Scheme

As children grow, their passions and interests will change with them. Every parent knows that youngsters can change their likes and dislikes at the drop of a hat and, because of this, it’s not always practical to paint walls to suit the theme of their interests at one time, as this could result in needing to repaint not long after.

Whilst it’s important to listen to your child’s desires to ensure their space is reflective of their personality, it’s always worth considering keeping more permanent fixtures, such as paintwork and expensive furniture neutral in colour, and let the accessories bring the bright, fun elements. Invite your child into the accessorising process, allow them to pick a theme or colour scheme and select everything from bedding and cushions, to clocks and soft furnishings to create a space that they will love and enjoy.

Make it cosy

Cosy Bedroom

Children are most likely to learn and develop in a space that they feel safe and comfortable in, so creating a cosy room is an absolute must. Much like an adult’s, a child’s room should feel personal to them and act as a relaxing retreat away from daily life.

To do this, start by selecting soft furnishings that are gentle in texture such as fluffy or furry, and choose pillows that are plush and squishy for a cosy feeling. The addition of a rug and some warm, delicate lighting in the form of child-friendly fairy lights or lamps is sure to make the space feel welcoming and comforting all at once.

Practical furniture

furniture child's bedroom

The use of furniture is an effective, but practical way to inject some motivation to the room. Select furniture that is multi-functional to utilise the space as effectively as possible, a bed, desk and play space should all be available but ensure that the bulk of the furniture doesn’t overwhelm the room – kids need space to play!

With so many furniture options on the market, it can be difficult to know exactly what to go for. Every child’s room should have three core areas, an area for sleep and rest, an area for learning and development and an area for play. The addition of multi-functional furniture means that space can be used to an optimum; if the space is on the smaller side, consider investing in of the many children’s desks that are available on the market, the desk will act as an adequate space for both learning and homework and also craft and creation, which is particularly good for child development.

Good storage


As much as parents clean, children have the ability to wreak mess and havoc on any space they are allowed into – mess is synonymous with kids! It’s important to note that creating mess, in the form of fun, is a fantastic way to instil inspiration into your child, whether that’s through the medium of play, crafting or playing dress up.

Once the activities are over, it’s a good idea to have some effective storage to keep everything in place when not being used. Investing in a multi-functional storage system is a great way to have the ability to adapt to the space as your child grows and acquires more possessions. Choosing specific storage that hides the contents will also help when it comes to bedtime, as your child will be less motivated to go to sleep on a night when they can see their favourite toys peeping out.

Be creative

Bedroom Space

Nothing can inspire a child more than allowing them to be creative. Drawing on the walls is perhaps an unfavoured task within the home, however the act within itself is a fantastic way to develop inspiration. Consider placing a chalkboard in your child’s room so that they can doodle to their heart’s content. Wall stickers are also an innovative way to add life to the walls of the room, they’re easy to put up and work well to accessorise the space themed with your child’s interests.

It’s important to remember that your child’s room is their own individual space to feel comfortable in, and whilst they are in that space, they should have time to grow and develop. Creating an inspiring room doesn’t need to be complex and by making these small adjustments, your child will feel inspired for years to come.

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