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Your home is many things; a sanctuary for you after long days at work, a place where family and friends gather for dinners and sociable events, and the place where you should feel most at ease, so it makes perfect sense that it is also an expression of you and your individuality.

It’s very easy to shop at home department stores and feel that your interiors could potentially be a replica of others, and while you can’t avoid having certain similar items that can be found in the home of a friend as well as your own (you both no doubt have great taste, after all) there are ways in which you can add some of your very own unique style to your interiors to ensure that it stands out from others.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to add some unique elements to your home to express your style, then read on for five simple swaps or additions you can make now to achieve this.

Antique mirrors

antique mirror
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Adding an antique mirror to one of your rooms could inspire you to decorate the rest of the space in a unique way, or your new addition could complement the existing décor. With Osborn Glass, you can choose from different styles of antique mirror glass to create a mirror unique to your home. By the time you’ve chosen from one of their twelve options at a size that suits your room, and with or without a frame, the finished product is likely to be impress in the style stakes.

Hang interesting pieces of art

Modern hotel room with large bed contemporary style with elements of art Deco

If you want to transform the look of your rooms, art has the ability to do just that. It can also reflect your personality, so rather than trying to get a piece of art which you think you should own, take the time to look at local galleries and independent artists to find something that catches your eye. You will see this every day, so the only thing that matters is whether you like it and feel like it speaks to you and reflects your individual style.

Change your lighting

luxury lounge

Another way to transform your home is with new lighting. Not only can it set the atmosphere, but it can completely change the look of the whole space. Whether you change up the ceiling or wall lighting, add designer lamps or look at the many other creative options, you can be in full control of how and when your rooms are lit, and you can choose distinctive options that add flair too.

If you’re holding a dinner party, you might want to have the room bright enough for everyone to enjoy their food and to see and speak to each other, while lighting can be used strategically to create a romantic ambience if it’s an intimate meal for two.

Add rugs


Wood or laminate flooring tends to be a popular option in homes these days and while it can be easier to clean up spills, in winter, it can make your home feel colder at times. To add comfort and warmth, you can add rugs in some of your rooms, and this is also a great way to add another dimension to the décor. Your rug choice also has the ability to change how the room looks, while tying the décor together nicely.

Add plants


Plants are a great way to add a whole new look to a space and can create talking points while adding some life to your home. It’s not just the interesting appearance that an array of plants can bring to the table, but the range of positive psychological benefits such as reducing stress and increasing productivity too. They also improve the air quality, so if your home feels stifled or you have health problems which impact your breathing, it’s worth considering which plants could benefit your health.

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