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The sartorial male knows that a good outfit is only made great with the addition of some carefully chosen accessories, and nothing exudes style and sophistication quite like a quality luxury watch.

Luxury watch brand Paul Rich is known for crafting unique, one-of-a-kind contemporary designs, and has fast become one of the most coveted names in men’s accessories, giving even some of the most historic a run for their money. And now, the brand has launched an exciting new collection that is set to become one of the most coveted of the year, so if you put one extravagant gift on your Christmas list, then make it one of these.

Focusing on expert craftsmanship and all-round excellence, the brand’s limited edition models have proven to be particularly highly sought-after, with each stunning timepiece exuding the utmost in quality and the very highest attention to detail. It’s these things, after all, that make a watch worth its price-tag, and Paul Rich’s latest statement designs are truly showstoppers indeed.

Top picks: 4 of the best new watches in the collection

The newest additions to the 2022 Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust collection are a breath-taking range of premium rainbow watches, each of which is driven by a Swiss movement and is certain to attract attention for all the right reasons. Each model has a frosted effect built into the band and an elegant, bold aventurine dial, giving the watch a look of extra-terrestrial appeal, while, with a combination of coloured crystals and white crystals, the bezel was given a new, fresh and outgoing look. 

Add to that a sophisticated frosted construction, which, as the name suggests, lends an even more otherworldly air to the whole environment, and these lavish timepieces are the only ones you’ll want to be wearing on your wrist as we head into the new year.

Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Silver

The Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Silver catches the eye with its out-of-the-box appearance, which can’t help but catapult it into the spotlight. Offering a host of unique features that other timepieces simply can’t come close on, its stylish design, which combines both the afore-mentioned frosted elements and the rainbow bezel, comes together to present a decadent watch that promises to stand the test of time.

Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Black

Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Black

The Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Black is another timeless timepiece, and a model inspired by the imposing black void of space, exuding mystery and elegance. Having premiered just recently, this particular watch is the perfect choice for the minimalistic man who likes to keep his style choices understated, with its rainbow bezel’s elegant design adding just the right amount of flair.

Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Gold

Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Gold

Then, there’s the Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Gold Endgame – a breath-taking, show-stopping choice for the man who likes to make a statement. Striking the perfect balance between class and extravagance by combining elements of both modern design and traditional gold, although the design is grandiose, the quality and specifications are not: with its Ronda Swiss movement, you know you’re getting a timepiece from the top of the line.

Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Rose Gold

Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Rose Gold

And finally, completing the line-up of this very special limited edition collection of Paul Rich watches is the exquisite Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Rose Gold. The most impressive quality of a dress watch is not only its ability to tell the time accurately, but also its capacity to tastefully complement business or casual attire – and this model does both with effortless ease. Perfect for both formal and informal occasions, it will see you through every social and business engagement in style, and will exemplify your impeccable taste all the while.

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