A Look At The ‘FEARLESS’ Porsche Speedboat

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There are speed boats, and then there are Porsche speed boats. The 28ft boat named ‘FEARLESS’ is not just any boat. For one, it’s made by Porsche – a manufacturer of classic and coveted cars known for their combined aesthetic appearance, aerodynamic capability, and stunning performance. Porsche has taken these elements from the road to the water with their very own speed boat.

In designing the luxury speedboat, the Porsche Design Studio team recalled the most classic and iconic Porsche of all classic Porsches, the 205-mph Carrera GT. Their approach, says Porsche Design Studio’s Roland Heiler, was “very much like how you would design a car.” To achieve maximum autobahn attitude, they gave the Fearless 28 ultraclean lines. The sides of the five-piece, carbon- reinforced hull, for example, curl over the deck to eliminate the typical seam around the boat’s perimeter. That process forms a smooth, automotive- grade exterior, plus a stiffer hull that cuts easily through waves. For power, of course, a standard inboard may not do. The optional 625-horsepower V-10 — designed by the makers of the Dodge Viper engine — reaches a top speed of 90 mph/70knots. Good thing this hot rod comes with a GPS speedometer, so you know when to keep your eyes peeled for the Coast Guard. FYI to our readers that are not familiar with speed on water, 90mph is extremely fast on the water, for reference most of the fastest jet skis produced reach a max of 60-70 mph. Most boats and yachts don’t reach past 20-40 mph.

Limited to only 25 units, the Porsche ‘Fearless’ boat is one of our favorites here at The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Photos by @jimmywwilliams @kim_wil930, Ibiamare, boatbuildingtips.club

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