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When it comes to knowledge and experience of hairstyling tools, I’m pleased, and somewhat embarrassed, to admit I’m a bit of an expert, having tested and broken a fair few. You see my hair is ridiculously thick, I require a double appointment no matter what the service at any hair salon – and with double appointment often comes double the cost. Meaning the ‘mum-bun’ is my default style and whilst a weekly blow-dry may seem like a no-brainer, (please someone suggest this to my husband) time and money tend to determine frequency.

With winter on the horizon, and many of us looking for a new direction for our sun damaged tresses, I have put the very best hair products and tools to the test. If they work for me, I can assure you they will be worth the investment.

Neal and Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Shampoo and Conditioner

Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Shampoo and Conditioner

In the past I have been guilty of using any shampoo and conditioner that’s on offer at the supermarket, and whilst many affordable picks are great, it tends to be the quality of ingredients that’s simplified. Those with a lower price tag are more watered down, fillers are added to help ‘pad-out’ the product compared to more hair-nourishing ingredients of those with a higher price tag that really help to tackle the issue.

I tested Neal & Wolf’s Harmony Intensive Care shampoo and conditioner specifically created to help repair damaged hair, using a unique combination of camelia seed oil, argan oil and silk protein complex, proven to given moisture from within. The shampoo is sulphate free; a good sulphate-free shampoo leaves your hair feeling cleaned and dirt free. Teamed with the right ingredients it should lock in moisture leaving your locks feeling refreshed and restored. A month into using the products and I can really notice the difference in my hair’s strength and find it a lot easier to manage. 

I can really feel the argan oil in the product and days after use you can still smell the product’s amazing sent. What’s more, the combination of the products along with their (incredible) blow-dry mist and heat protection guard left my locks looking and feeling healthier and shiner. No mean feat for hair that’s been treated with highlights for the past two decades.

Price: From £34.70

Where to buy: nealandwolf.com

GHD Helios Hair Dryer

GHD Helios hair dryer (1)

Ah, where were we all before the days of GHDs! Thankfully, the pioneering creators of good hair days no longer just create hair straighteners. Developed in GHD’s development lab in Cambridge in conjunction with top physicists, engineers, and styling professions, GHD Helios is lighter and faster for ultra-powerful drying. The aero precise technology allows more control for smoother results.  

As someone who loathes drying their hair, I was very excited to put the Helios to the test.

Ergonomically balanced and available in four chic colours, it’s lightweight to use and has rapidly sped up the drying time of my wildly thick locks. It’s super lightweight meaning that your arm doesn’t ache even after an hour of styling, and it leaves hair looking noticeably sleeker. 

It comes with a contoured nozzle which is all you really need, two speed settings and three heat settings. It’s rapid and really does the job.

Price: £179

Where to buy: ghdhair.com

T3 Lucea Flat Iron

T3 Lucea Flat Iron

If you had told me a year ago that my 15-year-old lukewarm hair straighteners were the reason that I could not control my own hair, and that all I needed was to invest in T3’s Lucea flat Irons I would have bought them ten times over. They are quite simply, magic.

When looking for your next iron you may notice that there are several plates available – typically ceramic and titanium. Ceramic irons tend to take longer to heat up and heat the hair from the inside, whilst titanium heat up immediately and heat the hair on the surface.

T3’s Lucea are ceramic and only took a matter of seconds to reach their optimum heat. Upon first use, the difference in hair styling was hugely noticeable. With nine heat settings, dependant on the consistency of your hair, the Lucea irons deliver optimal heat for hair every time. Their Rapid HeatIQ ensures advanced heat for beautiful results in just one pass. Even when you don’t section off your hair correctly, the Lucea, really does tame the frizziest of locks in one swift swoop. With curved edges, you can create whatever style you wish from straight and slick to soft waves – they are fantastic!

Price: £150

Where to buy: t3micro.co.uk

Hot Tools Black Gold Curl Bar £115

Hot Tools Black Gold Curl Bar

No hairstyle is complete without a soft or bouncy curl. Hot Tools’ ergonomically angled, and uniquely L-shaped curling bar creates ringlet curls in matter of seconds meaning you can create the most beautiful of styles without getting an aching wrist. Available in two different sizes 25mm or 32mm, the bar boasts a digital temperature control dial that you can set depending on your hair type.

The L-shape makes it pretty fool proof as to which way you need to curl your hair which is useful when you aren’t an actual professional. It took a few tries to get used to but now I am absolutely hooked. Compared to many curling irons it creates stunningly soft ringlets that last for a couple of days, even when I’m in a hurry I can simply heat sections for 30 seconds each and I’m left with a soft wave. Key extras include a cool tip and sleep mode meaning the bar switches off after 60 minutes.

Price: £115

Where to buy: uk.hottools.com

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