All that glitters: Gorgeous gold jewellery for every occasion

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Just like fashion, jewellery goes through cyclical trends. Like pearls, which are also having a moment right now, yellow gold jewellery was once considered staid, stuffy and worn only by older generations. White and rose gold, you see, were considered cooler, fresher and far more youthful.

Well, no more. Perhaps it’s the effect of the cost of living crisis: if you’re going to invest in pricey jewellery during a downturn then why not make it a piece whose intrinsic value is linked to currency? Perhaps it’s changes in the way gold jewellery is now made, with the brassy yellow golds of old replaced with a lighter, more flattering hue. Whatever the cause, there’s never been a better time to bolster your collection with classic and contemporary gold jewellery.

From heirloom pieces to pass down the generations to fun, wallet-friendly designs ideal for summer holidays (gold jewellery looks great with a tan), here are the best pieces to buy now.

Mejuri Dot Chain necklace

Simple, elegant and perfect for everyday wear, make Mejuri’s dot chain necklace your new signature piece, worn alone of layered with other chains and pendants. Made using certified 14k recycled yellow gold, it has a reduced environmental impact without sacfiricing on style or quality – that’s what we call a win-win.


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Buccellati Hawaii Waikiki earrings

Hailing from a collection first introduced in the 1930s, these statement earrings from Italian jewellery house Buccellati are fashioned from a series of hand-twisted 18k yellow gold threads held together with 18 karat white gold beads. Who ever said not to mix your metals had clearly never seen these.


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The Alkemistry Vianna diamond bracelet

A lesson in refined simplicity, The Alkemistry’s Vianna chain bracelet takes its inspiration from the fluidity and vibrancy of our oceans. Crafted from 18k yellow gold and set with three white diamonds, it promises just enough sparkle to lift any look.


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Anita Ko Coil ring

How to wear a gold band and not look like you’ve just got engaged? Opt for something utterly contemporary like Anita Ko’s Coil ring. Made in the US using 18k yellow gold, don’t let its minimalism be mistaken for subtlety – everyone will want to know where you got it.


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Alice Van Cal Anima Diamond Eye necklace

It may look like an upscale take on traditional Evil Eye amulets but Alice van Cal’s eye pendant is actually a chakra, designed to sit close to the heart and reflect your inner light to the outside world. Featuring a Y-shaped design crafted in chains of 18k yellow gold, it’s finished with round-cut white diamonds and yellow sapphires.


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De Beers Talisman bangle

Bangles are another jewellery trend returning to popularity having previously been considered old fashioned – and British jewellery brand De Beers does some of the finest on the market. Taken from its Talisman fine jewellery collection, this design combines textured 18k yellow gold with rough brown diamonds and gliettering white diamonds for a modern take on the style.


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George Jensen Moonlight Grapes ring

Who said precious stones were the only way to add impact to your jewellery box? Scandi silversmith Georg Jensen has been fashioning fine metals into chic jewellery and objet d’art since 1904 and this Moonlight Grapes ring is a case in point. Taking its cues from the naturalistic jewellery popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, a bunch of grapes is picked out in smooth 18k gold and diamonds.


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Vrai Shooting Star draped earrings

Sporting more than one piercing? Vrai’s modern draped earrings are for you. Featuring two diamond studs attached by a 14k yellow gold chain, it simply but effectively showcases Vrai’s signature baguette-, marquise- and round-cut lab-grown diamonds.


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Pearls & Pomegranates Ritual Object II The Vessel necklace

Another naturalistic piece, which this time recalls the amulets and protective pendants favoured by ancient civilisations, Pearld & Pomegranates’ Vessel necklace is handmade in Manchester using recycled 9k yellow gold. It’s made to order so you’ll have to wait six weeks for it to arrive – but we reckon it’s worth it.


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Jacquie Aiche vintage Cartier Tank gold watch

Watches more your thing? LA-based jeweller Jacquie Aiche takes vintage watches and gives them a thoroughly modern makeover. Take, for example, this 18k yellow gold Cartier Tank Française. With its original case and bracelet restored and a new dial featuring 11 diamonds and a sunset and palm tree print, it’s never looked better.


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