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Sophie Hooper has one mission, to help women feel good about themselves, before, during, and after childbirth.

Sophie is the CEO and founder of Secret Saviours, a unique clinically proven system able to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy. So far Sophie has raised over £4 million investment and counting. Having saved over 80,000 women from stretch marks so far, we chat to Sophie about why Secret Saviours stands out from the rest and why it’s set to become every pregnant woman’s must-have item.

Where did the idea of Secret Saviours come from? 

The original concept was invented by a vascular surgeon and a skin tissue engineer from University College London Hospital. With no effective stretch mark prevention solution available, they began researching how these skin tears form and how they could be prevented. The outcome was a prototype garment, along with a gel and a cream, that were taken into clinical trials.

Sophie Hooper
Sophie Hooper has one mission, to help women feel good about themselves, before, during, and after childbirth

How did your personal experience help when launching the product both personally and from your career in advertising?  

I developed stretch marks in my teens and so it was no surprise that I went on to get them in both of my pregnancies – different ones for each baby! Living with stretch marks has affected my body confidence ever since and even now I won’t show my bare tummy to anyone. 

Needless to say, when I came across a product that was clinically proven to prevent pregnancy stretch marks, I jumped at the chance to be involved. I knew that Secret Saviours was going to change countless women’s mental and physical wellbeing and I wanted to be part of that step-change. I left my job as MD of a well-known London ad agency and began raising investment to launch.

Having worked on many health and beauty brands, I knew how important it was to develop a lovely-to-wear system that women enjoyed using each day. We’ve created a brand that looks and feels good, has won numerous awards and prevents 80 per cent of pregnant women from stretch marks.

Secret Saviours cream
Sophie Hooper founded Secret Saviours in 2015, the revolutionary stretch mark prevention system

What makes Secret Saviours different to any other stretch-mark oil women use in pregnancy?

Secret Saviours actually works. Researchers have discovered that creams and oils that claim to prevent stretch marks don’t work at all. In studies, neither almond oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, nor vitamin E prevented stretch marks. But our three-step system has had amazing results with over 80 per cent of our customers coming out of pregnancy stretch mark free.

What makes Secret Saviours so successful is the unique apparel, which has been printed with Derma Dot pad technology. These pads are printed onto maternity underwear and gently grip the skin, dispersing pressure across the middle layer called the dermis, which often tears when the connective tissue is stretched beyond its limits of elasticity.

On the rare occasion that a small tear manages to form despite our pads, their pattern blocks the path a stretch mark needs to find to tear straight downwards. Also key to the success of our system is the slightly tacky day gel, which helps the pads gently grip the skin, and the nourishing night cream, which mums-to-be massage on their bumps at the end of the day. 

Women love the support our bands and briefs give them and we’ve had hundreds of reviews raving about the gorgeous, spa-like, smell of our gel and cream.

stretch mark cream
The Derma Dot technology is a world first and takes textile technology into a completely new direction

Can you tell us why it’s priced at £90, what gives it the luxury element? 

Secret Saviours is so much more than maternity underwear, or a luxury cream and gel. Our Derma Dot technology is a world first and takes textile technology into a completely new direction. We think our three-step system is worth every penny and so do all our happy mums.

Can you tell us more about the Derma Dot technology and how it’s made?  

The Derma Dot pads are unique and took a long time to perfect. The technology is patented and is our own closely guarded secret. But I can tell you that they are raised to just the right degree to equalise the pressure of stretching skin whilst still being safe for baby and you. And they’re hypoallergenic, PVC free and Phthalate free too – making them perfect for pregnancy skin.

Do you have a sustainability programme? 

We do have a sustainability programme, with lots of exciting projects on the go. We’ve recently made changes to our packaging and have plans to make further, significant, changes again soon. We’re also in the process of centralising our whole production set-up to minimise our carbon footprint and are switching to recycled yarns, using eco dyes. I’ve saved the best to last though – we couldn’t be prouder that in the next few months we will be moving to a certified green solar powered factory. 

Secret Saviour cream
The original concept was invented by a vascular surgeon and a skin tissue engineer from University College London Hospital

Who inspires you? 

My wonderful talented mother (artist and designer) inspires me every day. She still works at a job she loves, embraces everything in life with the energy, laughter, and enthusiasm of someone half her age and is constantly curious. Her determination and attitude has taught me never to give up!

What’s next for the brand? 

We have just completed a round of investment to develop new products. I’m incredibly excited to say we will be launching a stretch mark prevention bra, shorties and leggings for the pregnancy market in February 2023. And – you heard it here first – further new products are in development for after pregnancy.

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