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Opulence, grandeur, upscale, glamour – some of the words that will likely spring to mind when conjuring up images of what Art Deco embodies within a home’s interior design.

First appearing at Paris’s Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, the popularity of the visual arts, architecture and product design movement – shortened to Art Deco -spread far and wide, gaining prominence across Europe and the U.S in the 1920s and 30s, and remaining today as one of the most popular design styles. Symbolising wealth and sophistication, the products – both luxury and mass produced – were designed with the intention of being sleek with an anti-traditional elegance.

When transferring the style to homes, this can be done so in a number of ways, whether utilising elements of the original features and modernising the look to fit a more contemporary aesthetic or keeping it traditional. The style is characterised by clean lines and shapes, geometric forms, and expensive materials, while common elements of Art Deco within home design include stepped forms, sweeping curves, bold geometry, sunburst motifs, rich colours, triangular shapes, and decadent detailing.

With its popularity not appearing to fade any time soon, you might be wandering how you can incorporate elements of this iconic design style into your home interiors for that stylish and luxe look. If so, read on for five ways to bring the Art Deco look into your home.

Windows and doors

kitchen dining room

If you’re dedicated to the style and are looking to create an impact, look to your windows and doors to make a great first impression. The first thing you and visitors will spot when approaching your property and also once inside, ensuring you spend careful consideration on the style of your windows to complement the Art Deco style will go a long way to achieving the look.

Look to companies who stock a wide range of products and also those who are able to create custom pieces for your home, such as Ecoline Windows and Doors and discuss what it is you need to help perfect the style. Windows were often designed in the uniform Crittal style, but unusual shapes, curves and ornate glasswork were also popular too.  

Luxury materials

marble steps

When you’re imaging the Art Deco look, you’re most likely picturing cool marbles, rich colours, sumptuous fabrics and metallic accents, and those are some of the elements that have made their way into modern homes. Exotic woods such as rosewood and zebrawood would have been carefully crafted into furniture with animal skin detailing sometimes finding their way onto designs to show opulence.

Today, granite, polished marble, rich woods will all suffice with some gold or brass detailing topping off the look nicely. White, grey or black marble, a white suite and gold taps look especially eye-catching in a bathroom and can be seen across many a five-star hotel suite these days.

Geometric forms

dining table

Large geometric shapes draw the eye to a particular area of a room, so whether you’re redesigning a bathroom, bedroom, lounge, dining room or other, you will need to carefully consider where you incorporate these repeat pattern motifs. A rug is a good way to bring colour and a zigzag or triangular pattern into a living room space, while wallpaper on a feature wall, perhaps with a fan or chevron design would look great.

If you prefer to keep things a little simpler, then try cushion covers with a bold pattern and colour or keep it neutral with larger items and stick to muted tones.

Interesting décor

art deco lounge

You will want to walk into your home and immediately be dazzled with the look you’ve created and one of the best ways to let everyone know this is an Art Deco home is to style it with interesting decorative items. Style symmetrically, used curved edges in furniture (we love a scalloped chair) source custom pieces and ornate mirrors, finish with metallics and make statement with eye-catching artworks that transport you to an era of elegance and sophistication.

Vibrant colour

pink sofa

Vibrant colours may not immediately spring to mind when thinking of Art Deco interiors, but rich greens, blues and pinks play a big part in characterising the style. Bold blues work really well with warm metallics as do rich greens, while certain pink tones are seeing a popular streak in home decoration. Don’t go over the top with bold colour and if you’d rather keep walls neutral, then bring pops of colour into soft furnishings – sofas in the lounge, headboards in the bedroom, and towels in the bathroom would all work well with some strong colour.

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