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Heading away on a luxury getaway this winter? January is one of the most popular months for booking last-minute breaks as we seek sunnier climes and an escape from the rainy British winter – and the idea of a week or two languishing on a paradise beach is more than enough to keep those winter blues at bay.

But for the high-end home owner, getting it away from it all can mean feeling torn somewhat, with the constant worry about your property and belongings making it difficult to relax fully and enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

On average, there are 526 burglaries a day in England and Wales – that’s one house every 164 seconds – and that number is on the rise. With this in mind, it’s becoming more important than ever to take steps to protect your home from intruders and keep it secure whilst you’re away – as nothing spoils that post-getaway glow quite like coming back to a crime scene.

There are many factors that contribute to a burglar’s decision to target a home, and occupants being away, which can mean easier access and less chance of being caught, is one that makes it more likely that your home could be chosen. Add to that the fact that luxury homes are considered more desirable targets due to the potentially high-value items that might be found inside, and high-end property owners can’t afford to take any risks.

Here, the home security experts at Locks Direct share some advice on how you can avoid falling prey to a break-in while you’re away on holiday, this winter, and all of the worry that comes along with it.

CCTV Camera And Security Alarm System Under The House Made With Measuring Tape
On average, there are 526 burglaries a day in England and Wales – that’s one house every 164 seconds – and that number is on the rise

Purchase a secure key-keep

If you’re heading away but need to leave a key for neighbours or relatives to get into your home for any reason, then you’ll need to ensure that you leave it somewhere safe. It might seem obvious, but hiding your spare key under a rug, inside a boot or within a fake decoration is only asking for trouble, as criminals contemplating burgling your home could be watching you at any time to try to work out the best and easiest way to gain access.

The underneath of that plant pot key may look like an inconspicuous hiding place to you, but thieves are well aware of home security tricks and will be ready and waiting to outsmart you. So instead, prevent your spare key from falling into the wrong hands by using a reliable key safe. Locks Direct offers a range of secure key keeps, including products from top brands such as Abus and Squire. For maximum protection, the Squire Stronghold Key Safe, which has been approved by Crime Stoppers as a popular solution that is capable of withstanding threats and attack, is recommended. This strong key safe is recodeable and has over 10,000 possible combinations, making it incredibly trustworthy – and when it comes to your home security, it’s simply not worth taking any chances.

Store your calendar securely

If an intruder has had their eye on your home, something that they’ve spotted in your shed or perhaps some nice outdoor furniture, then they may just be waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. You might not have considered before the fact that leaving a filled in calendar in view of a window could be a risky move, but doing so makes it easier for potential intruders or thieves to see when you’re going to be out at meetings and appointments, as well as when you’re away on holiday. If they are able to spot this, they may return to take their chances once they know you’re away, so avoid giving them an unsuspecting helping hand and keep your calendar locked away somewhere secure or stored on your password-enabled computer.

Similarly, you should avoid posting about your upcoming holiday on social media. You might think that you trust the people that you’re friends with or connected to via your social media channels, but there’s such a thing as being too trusting.

Protect keyless cars

In this modern day and age, thieves don’t necessarily need to force entry to steal your belongings – in fact, there are ways they can do it that don’t even require access to your home. If you own a keyless car that you plan to keep on your driveway whilst you’re away, for example, then you might find you’ll need to be extra cautious when it comes to security.

Thieves are able to use signal transmitting devices to capture signals from keyless entry cars, effectively tricking the car into thinking that the key is nearby. As a result, the car doors will open and the ignition will be able to start, allowing criminals to quickly make a break for it with your pride and joy. These kinds of thefts commonly occur during the night or whilst nobody is home, where thieves can get away quickly without being disturbed – and whilst you’re luxuriating on your sun lounger in the Caribbean on your lavish winter escape, they could be tempted to male their move.

If you’re leaving your car behind when you head away, then be sure to use a signal blocking pouch to store your keys. This prevents any tech-savvy thieves from being able to capture signals from the keys so that you won’t be met with any nasty surprises when you return from your much-needed break – or any of the stress that comes with them.

As well as using security accessories and strong padlocks, it is sensible to keep an eye on your home whilst you’re away by using either CCTV or a Ring doorbell

Keep belongings securely locked away

Buy secure padlocks to keep your belongings and buildings protected. Locks Direct offers a wide variety of reliable padlocks designed for multiple uses, including strong discus padlocks for sheds and outbuildings, as well as weather resistant, high-security locks for protecting high-value items, such as motorbikes.

By using a sturdy padlock to secure your belongings and ensure that burglars will struggle to gain access to them, you can minimise the risk of theft. A strong, attack resistant padlock that cannot be easily tampered with is essential.

Buy a Ring doorbell or CCTV solution

Nowadays, there are many affordable home-security solutions available to provide extra protection for your home, outbuildings and belongings and to give you that extra peace-of-mind whilst enjoying your holiday. 

As well as using security accessories and strong padlocks, it is sensible to keep an eye on your home whilst you’re away by using either CCTV or a Ring doorbell. Many of the smart surveillance options now available allow you to access your cameras directly from your phone via a mobile app, so that you can check in on your home at any time and be altered to any suspicious activity. 

If the worst should happen and a break-in does occur, you’ll have footage which can be passed onto your insurers and the authorities. Remember that CCTV alone isn’t a big enough deterrent, ensure that you keep your belongings protected with secure padlocks and measures to make theft as difficult as possible.

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