China promises to work with India to properly ‘manage differences’

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Beijing: China said Monday it will continue to work with India to enhance political mutual trust. The enhanced political trust will enable both countries properly manage their differences. Then China and India can jointly uphold the ‘big picture’ of bilateral relations.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said this at a regular briefing. He was asked by a Western media journalist sought China’s reaction to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent remarks. Modi has said the Indian Armed Forces have given a befitting reply to those challenging the country’s sovereignty. He made the comment while addressing the nation on the 74th Independence Day.

“From LoC (Line of Control) to LAC (Line of Actual Control), anyone who casts an eye on the sovereignty of India, the Armed Forces have responded in the language they understand,” Modi had said.

Responding to the question, Zhao said that ‘we have noted Prime Minister Modi’s remarks’.

“As two neighbours and emerging major countries each with a population of over one billion, the growth of China-India relations will not only benefit our two countries and people, but also add stability and positive energy to peace and prosperity of the region and the world at large,” Zhao said.

“Mutual respect and support between China and India is the right path and serves the long-term interests of both countries. China will continue to work with India to enhance political mutual trust, properly manage differences, strengthen practical cooperation and jointly uphold the big picture of bilateral relations,” Zhao added.

his speech, Prime Minister Modi also said that “whether it is terrorism or expansionism, India is fighting both with determination.”

Twenty Indian army personnel were killed during the Galwan valley clashes June 15. The Chinese side also suffered casualties but it is yet to give out the details.

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