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Wondering what to wear this weekend? Nailing off-duty cool can feel tricky when you’re used to smart office-wear throughout the week and knowing how to strike the perfect balance between casual and luxury is something that many women struggle with.

But new luxury brand COSY SUNDAY – created for women, by women – is about to change all that, and you’ll wonder why you ever hesitated over what to throw on on a Sunday morning. Dedicated to weekend fashion and serving up an enticing collection of gorgeous, high-quality garments designed for relaxed day-off dressing without compromising on style, this up-and-coming Swiss start-up now makes each of its meticulously crafted products in Lake Como, Italy, and is fast becoming the go-to for the fashion-conscious female.

As we head into winter, it’s the perfect time to stock your wardrobe with cosy knits, coats and accessories, and COSY SUNDAY, as its name would suggest, is right on top of the latest seasonal trends to keep you warm. Comprising the very finest Italian fabrics, including silk, cashmere, merino wool and Supima organic cotton – with no compromise on synthetic blends – each item within the brand’s collection is made with sustainability in mind.

COSY SUNDAY says it’s ‘redefining luxury in the age of sustainability’

Founder Olga Florida explains: “With the COSY SUNDAY brand, we aim to prove that it’s possible to wear tasteful, high-quality items ‘Made in Italy’, whilst simultaneously knowing that your choice is not harming the planet.

“Our fabrics are sourced sustainably and our production process heavily relies on green energy. We create slow fashion with timeless design. We know the fashion world is changing, and along with our partners, we’re making all of the efforts to be at the forefront of that change.”

According to Florida, another major driving force behind the brand has been creating a safe haven for busy women in need of a little ‘me-time’. In today’s modern world, the stresses and strains of our fast-paced lifestyle can quickly begin to take their toll, and it’s becoming increasingly important to make a little time for some much-needed self-care. With COSY SUNDAY, it’s possible to do that through the garments you choose to wear, luxuriating in the kind of soft and indulgent-feeling fabrics and elegant designs that make you feel relaxed and renewed.

COSY SUNDAY close up detail
The brand aims to embody the slow fashion ideology that prioritises quality over quantity

With many of the biggest globally renowned designers and fashion houses we know and love today hailing from Italy, it’s clear that the nation has always been one step ahead when it comes to opulent materials and ultra-luxe design – and it was during a winter visit that Florida had the light-bulb idea to take that essence and turn it into something new.

She explained: “In February 1999, I walked down the stairs of the plane onto Italian soil and dived head-first into the world of Italian fashion. I found a spot on a sunny terrace, got a cup of strong but delicious espresso and observed how Italians went about their day-to-day life, and it was this experience that served as the inspiration for what COSY SUNDAY is today.

“I saw how Italian people slowed down from the hustle and bustle of the week and relaxed into the weekend, and from then on, Sunday became my favourite day.

COSY SUNDAY luxury garment
The brand want to spread their love for world famous artisan Italian quality and help women to make Sunday the most pleasant and relaxing day of the week

“Years later, as a model and a mother to three children, I came to understand that modern women in big cities have so many roles to juggle that even Sundays don’t allow for enough rest and relaxation or the chance to replenish after a busy week. With COSY SUNDAY, I wanted to create a line of clothing that felt soft and comforting against the skin whilst continuing to look stylish and luxurious and offer a range of garments that would effortlessly combine with one another for the ultimate example of off-duty style.”

Whether you’re rushing to the salon, getting the children ready for a playdate or hurrying from appointment to appointment, time is precious – and finding the time to curate a show-stopping outfit each day can feel almost impossible. But with COSY SUNDAY, the hard work is done for you, with a signature colour palette and beautifully designed pieces making it easy to build a capsule wardrobe that will see you through any occasion with minimal effort. The concept is all about fashion for women living in the fast lane, with no need to compromise on any of the characteristics that make you look and feel like a million dollars.

COSY SUNDAY new campaign
The brand’s all-season collection is carefully designed as a capsule so that all items can be organically combined with each other

Ultimately, the brand aims to embody the slow fashion ideology that prioritises quality over quantity – something it evidently does so well. And if you choose to replenish your wardrobe with COSY SUNDAY this winter – or at any other time of year – you can be sure of complete transparency, with a digital ID provided for every item with certificates of the fabrics used to create it and the story of production.

And while everything is now manufactured in Italy, the brand has very much retained its Swiss roots. Having begun life in Lugano, Switzerland, it uses Swiss standard quality control to ensure that each and every garment and accessory is of the highest possible standard in every way.

Whatever the weekend scenario, COSY SUNDAY has got you covered, and is set to quickly become your ultimate go-to for luxurious off-duty style.

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